Well Dressing

I went to the well dressing service with my mum. It was smelly from the incense.Our panel  looks really good.

About sunday

On sunday  Kayleigh came to our house for a sleep over. Our friends said they were getting some of the things ready. So we put our wellys on and got in the car. When we got there we saw our friends. Then we started the MASSIVE walk .We walked up a really big hill. My dad wanted to climb a pyramid were the people stand to sing their songs. When we got to the pyramid we got to go on the pyramid and dad sang us a song it was really funny. We walked some more we let there dog Henry of the lead we had to find a pirate ship me and Ben were first to find it. Then we found another castle to play in. Then e were so tired and we walked

Izzy coming round

On Thursdays Izzy comes round. Because we have a club. She has tea at ours it’s really fun. When the club is finished Izzy’s mum or dad takes us home. When she’s at ours we have dance shows and we practise some dances.  Rudy and mum watch us we have really good fun.

I like it  and so does Izzy

My day off…..

Today I went to @Bristol with Polly and Zoe. It was so interesting I loved all of it. We learnt about our body, how to make films and all about stars in the sky. We made some butter by whisking double cream.We used the electric whisk,hand whisk,normal whisk and a spatula.The electric whisk was the quickest way. We tried the butter on crackers and it was delicious. I am really tired out now it was such a busy day looking, learning and trying different things. Its a great place to go. I would love to go there again.


When we got there we had to unpack all of the stuff and me and Tyler played on our scooters on this tarmac platform. That night we stayed in the tent because it was really windy and there was loads of rain . Saturday we went to the stalls and I bought 4 things . I went on a ride and you get in a ball and it floats on water and you have to try and run in the ball and keep up. Then we went to make a van . The next morning we packed up and went to the beach . We climbed up the rocks and looked at the vans . We had a wonderful time . xxxx


World champs in New Zealand

I had an email on Friday night from British Cycling to say I had qualified for selection to represent the Great Britain team at the forthcoming BMX World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand. And this weekend in very wet and windy conditions I finished 2nd overall in Wales.

George coming round.

On Wednesday George came round. When we first came back we waited for George’s mum to drop George here . Then we watched some Horrid Henrys. Then we had tea, it was chicken, vegetables and chips. After tea we played on the Wii. First we played Mario winter Olympics, we were 1st 5 or 6 times! Then we played Mario carts, we were 1st 2 times, that was much harder! My  mum brought some yummy ice cream it was nice, it had chocolate caramel and marshmallows in it. Then George’s dad came to pick him up at 6pm. We hid under my brothers bunk beds behind the shoe drawer which was a great hiding place, they found us though.

Busy…..but lovely Lyme Regis!

Me,Mummy,Daddy and Ellis went to Lyme Regis.It took ages to find a place to park the car near the seafront.In the end we parked in a quiet road where a few other cars were parked.When we got out of the car we grabbed the picnic basket and went to find a place to have a picnic.The sun was shining but when the wind blew it was quite cold so I borrowed Mummy’s cardigan.We found somewhere to have our picnic by a nice stream. Once we finished the picnic Daddy walked to the car to put the picnic away.

Then we walked to the beach.I prefer pebbly beaches more than sandy beaches so we stayed on the pebbles.Ellis threw loads of pebbles at the beach.Me and Ellis then sat down on the pebbles and waited for the waves to soak our feet.One wave got half way up my leg……… luckily I had rolled up my leggings to my knees.That day there was a fete on so we got up from the beach and went to the fete.On the way there was a man balancing stones on  other stones.That was cool.There was a paper mache looking monster as well  Ellis pretended to brush its teeth.







Lyme Regis

Yesterday we went to Lyme Regis for the day.  I put my feet in the sea. I liked brushing the dinosaurs teeth and pretending it was a real dinosaur! I called it Fred. We also saw some ducklings.