Holiday in Cornwall visiting Benjy

I liked playing with Benjy a lot. I want to go back to his house today because I like Benjy a lot and he is my best friend. He let me play with his toys, even his toy hiccup. I liked playing on his bed making star wars Lego. On the first day we went for a walk with Vinny and Daddy and the dogs. We went to the park together and Benjy showed me his new school and it looked a bit like Berkley. Benjy is happy at his new school but he does miss everyone. We watched Harry Potter in bed. On the second day we went to the beach and collected some shells. There was a tire swing and we had great fun. We ate our lunch at a cafe near the sea. Later we went to another beach and we played on the rocks and in the sea pouring water over our heads. We dug in the sand and found buried treasure. It was cool to splash and jump in the sea. We had blue ice cream and then we had chips on the Harbor wall and looked at all the boats. On the 3rd day we went for a walk in the woods and there was a Waterfall in the woods. There were lots of them even magical ones. Me and Benjy were climbing trees up a hill. It was really fun. Later we went to THE EDGE OF THE KINGDOM (Lands End). Jo who is Benjys mummy said it in a really funny voice which made us laugh. We did Arthur’s quest and I got the sword out of the stone and there was a really cool cinema with a film called 20,000 Leagues under the see. The seats moved and the pictures jumped out of the screen because of funny glasses. We saw some houses that were really small. I was bigger than they were. We had a look at a helicopter and played in the park there on the zip wire. Mummy took our picture at the famous sign. We had a really great time and I had a lot of late nights. I really miss Benjy but we are going to write letters to each other and visit in the holidays.
My mummy has babies in her tummy because I wanted them and they are going to be my babies. I think it will be two sisters and they are coming after my birthday. I am excited about the babies and coming back to school in Squirrels.


At camping it was raining every day very hard .

we went to bude

I went with my mum’s friend and dad’s friend and ruby

the tent did not fit on the caravan so a man cam and helped

and we finally done it  I went surfing it was fun we went to the beach

At camping

Me and my family went to Exmoor camping. I was allowed to ride my bike on my own to the shop. We went horseriding. Our horses were called Micky and perry.

My Family Trip to Wookey Hole

We have been to Wookey Hole and we had lots and lots of fun.  It was really exciting because we got to explore in the caves.  There were lots of activities to do there – we went to the 4D cinema which had special seats that moved and the film that we watched was a dinosaur adventure. At one point, we even got ‘wee’d’ on by a dinosaur and got wet!! We had dinner in the pirates cafe and a yummy ice-cream in the ice cream shop. I went into the soft play bit with Travis then we played crazy golf.  We even had a go at ‘panning gold’ which I got a medal for.

My favourite bit was panning gold and seeing the bats in the caves.

The lady who showed us the caves told us that cavemen used to live there in their bare feet and she also told us the story about the witch and her dog who were turned into stone!


We had lots of fun.  I hope you enjoyed my blog.


Lola x



Summer Holidays

I went to Wales in a caravan with my cousins. We played crazy golf but it was raining the first time we tried to play so we fitted it in another day.  We went to  Splash land, there were 3 slides one was called Master Blaster.

Then we went to Stratford upon Avon for two nights.  We went swimming again, there was a hot tub that blowed bubbles.

On Thursday we went to Bristol to see Shrek. It was really good.

Here are some photos of my summer.

Leaving Berkley

I’m so sad that I have to leave Berkley. I will miss everyone, mainly the teachers and staff. I will miss Mrs Langton loosing her glasses and Mrs Pang laughing and giggling. But I know that I need to move onto Selwood. It’s nothing like Berkley….

Good bye Berkley 🙂

my great year in (year 2)

I liked it in year 2 we had fun these are some topics we did with miss pickford

scaredy squirrel

black and white

there is some more but its loads . I made year 1 friends but now they are taking our place so were  getting old but we love lerning , playing fun days and gym . they are great days in life and you are part of it so follow our future and live well with your friends


My summer holiday so far…….

So far we’ve had picnics and played in the park, we’ve been to town, we’ve been to Longleat and to visit our Nan and Grampy. We went to Weston Super Mare and me and Rylee made an amazing sponge cake that everybody ate. I’ve had my ear pierced which is really cool. We are going to Legoland and some more days out. And best of all we’ve got a foster child called Gemma who has come to stay with us for a while. I can’t wait to see Jamie and tell him all about my summer holiday.