We’re glad you are having an amazing time Hattie!

Hello Hattie,
Glad you are having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing pictures and answering all our questions.

Zoe – I loved the pictures of the Koala bears you have taken.

Sam – You have a lovely tan and very blonde hair!

Charlie – Did you get to hold one of the Koala bears?

Nate – I really loved all the pictures.

Amelia – Have you tried any more strange foods?

Lily – The Kangaroo scared us all a little as it looked like he was sitting on a snake!  Have you seen a snake yet?

Kenny – How many new animals have you seen?

Leon – Have you tried any different fish?

Yasmin – Did the Koala run fast across the field?

We all wish we were there the weather looks fabulous!
Miss you very much
Love Badgers


My 500 word challenge

This is my story that I entered for the bbc 500 word challenge…

The Ghost of The Deserted Pier

Once there was four children and a dog, the dogs name was Floppy and the children’s names were Jack the oldest one, Leo the youngest one, Mary and Lucy.

It was a Saturday and the four children had been wanting to go to the beach but Dad had said “first do your chores” so they did.

After a while Dad took them to the beach by car. It took two hours. Dad said “you better have fun and make the most of it”. When they got there this is what they did: made sandcastles, went in the sea and had a walk. Jack asked Dad if they could go to the pier Dad said “no” Lucy said “pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease” this time Dad said “yes but who’s going to pick you up from here?” Jack said “by taxi” “ok but be back for tea!” shouted Dad from out of the car window “ok” they shouted back while running to the pier.

When they got to the pier they where shocked, it was dark, it had signs hanging off buildings and it looked like know one was there at all. So they went inside and all could see was dark, broken, old two pence machine and other things you can do.

They all split up and looked for something to do Leo said he had an idea “lets play hide and seek” Jack said “ok Ill count”so he started counting “One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten coming ready or not here I come” said Jack.

Jack went to find them,he found Mary behind a cupboard door and Lucy under a table but he couldn’t find Leo anywhere. LEO WE GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but Leo didn’t come out of his hiding place “maybe a ghost took him” Lucy said as a joke.

Suddenly they here a loud BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!! “what was that” whispered Mary. They walked to one of the walls, the banging got louder and louder when they got to where the banging was it had stopped “that was odd” said Jack.But when they looked around they saw a box of matches they hadn’t been opened yet they kept walking and saw three barrels of gunpowder “someone has bean trying to blow us up”.

They ran round the corner and saw a ghost trying to light a barrel of gunpowder, but he could not find his matches “looking for this” said Jack holding the matches up in his hands “give me that or he gets it” said the ghost “who gets it” said Lucy then the ghost took a blanket off Leo. Jack said to the ghost I will give you the matches if you do a headstand so while the ghost was struggling to do a headstand Mary ran and grabbed Leo. RUN ITS GOING TO BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! they ran to there taxi GO GO GO!!!!!! so the driver went fast. When they got home they said “Dad were sooooooooo hungry”.




When I went to Cornwall I did lots of fun things like: Crabbing, walking/beach, playing and I fed ducks,  cormorants, swans and seagulls. I went on a ferry to Falmouth which we could see from our backyard. We had a day out to St Ives and we did a pirate walk around the harbour, it was really fun. While on the walk we saw Dolphins playing in the sea and a seal near the rocks. I had some delicious foods there. I had a lovely time in Cornwall.  When I got home I got a postcard from Hattie which gave me a big smile!!!

Lego movie

Dear Badgers class.

On the 21 of february I went to see the lego movie.

The lego movie is about a workman who has lost his instructions of how to be a normal person.So he went after them and when he found them he saw a robber.

He saw his instructions on the floor.It said if robbers seen report to boss.So he was just about to report when the robber took of the mask and it was a beautiful girl.The man stood watching for a bit.Then chased her.The man fell down a hidden tunle.When he got to the bottom of the tunle he lost his instruuctions which said dont touch stuff that you dont know what it can do.He saw a golden spiks and he touched it.The next thing he knew he was in a police stashon with a thing on his back which can destroy the world.The police were asking him questuns.The man said no to all of the questuns they asked him because he did not know how he got there and what happend to him. Luckily for him the beautiful girl came and saved him.When they got back in the city they had a talk.The talk was about the ordnery person being a special one.He was actually the most powerful brik bilder left on the planet.He had the power the strenth and the cofendens.










































































































Phillip Island

First we went to Churchill Island. We saw some animals like a horse and a few cows and a few sheep. We looked round a old Victorian house. We saw where they ate and where they washed and where they cooked.

After , we went to see the Koalas and wild Koalas!Most of them are normally sleeping. They sleep up to 20 hrs per a day. We saw a Koala running on the ground to a new tree! It was very cute!!

In the evening we saw the Penguins waddle up from the sea to their homes!!

We are now in Sydney before we come home.




In Half Term we went to London. We stayed at a hotel.

We saw Big Ben and the London Eye. We went to the Horseguards museum and I dressed up as a guard. We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, it was very good, my favourite person was Willy Wonka. We went on the tube. I sneaked into mummy’s bag and had some chocolate buttons in the middle of the night.

We miss you Hattie! xxxx

Dear Hattie
All of badgers here. We hope you are having a brillant buzzing time!
We have (lots!) of questions we would like to ask you.
Yasmin: Have you seen a Koala Bear yet? and could you please bring one back with you!!
Lily:Have you seen a crocodile when you went down the Great Ocean Road? What other foods have you tried?
Mrs Perry: Did you ride the Stagecoach in Ballarat?
Charlie: What did the kangaroo taste like? We are all wondering!
Kian: Did you go fishing on the Great Ocean Road?
Archie: Can you tell us more about the Great Ocean Road please?
Leon: Did you enjoy the water park? What was your favourite ride?
Lily: Have you or will you see a Great White Shark?
Leon: Where are you staying at the moment?
Yasmin: Have you been on a glass bottom boat to see the coral/ sea creatures?
Miss Pennington: What is it like seeing your family for the first time?

Please please pleaaasssseee bring the sunshine home with you!!
Hope you are safe from the bush fires.
Have an amazing rest of your trip!

From all of us in Badgers


To squirrels class

To squirrels class,

We have been to Ballarat . This is a gold mining town.My favourite bit was going under ground and panning for gold.


At the adventure  park there were a few other water rides and  archery and mini golf.


It has been about 28 degrees but is a little cloudy today.


New babys

Our  Aunties in Thailand have had twin boys! They are called  Samuel and Luca. We have bought loads of tiny clothes and little hats they are very cute. Samuel is slightly bigger than Luca. They’re even smaller than our Aunties hands! Our Aunties might come back to live in England that means we can see them. When I’m 18 I will be able to baby sit them. I cant wait to meet them. I wish they could be girls. But I’ll still paint their nails.


On the first day in Australia we met our cousins named Zach, Izzy and Holly. On Wednesday we went with our cousins to the water park because  it is there day off while we are here. What we did is we went down the lazy river , we also went on Aqua racer and we went on two pitch black long slides.


One day we went to the Great Ocean Road. We went down to Apollo bay and went on the beach and I found lots of  Pretty shells in the rock pools. We played some footy.



We went to the beach with our cousins. We played some rounders it was great fun. So far I have had a amazing time.

Elliot down under!

On Wednesday we went to the Adventure Park and we went on the the Aqua racer. We have been on the beach. We have driven down the Great Ocean Road and we saw the Kookaburra cottages. We went to Appollo Bay. We also went to Lorne and jumped on trampolines.

What we have learnt about e safety

If something pops up we have to tell a grown up.  Harrie

Don’t talk to strangers. Tilly

Don’t say your address or phone number. Sophie

Don’t tell people your password. Dylan

Don’t tell strangers your house number. Macauley

Don’t tell strangers your birthday. Sienna

Ask an adult if you are not sure. Tyler

Don’t tell strangers your name. Lilia

Only send messages to people you know. Mckenzie

Write good messages . Shrina

Send messages only to people we know. Jacob