Turkey trip

In the summer holidays we went from Antalya to Alanya in Turkey. We went to a hotel called THE MARRALIS HILL we stayed there for about 1 week.

There was a pool about half the SIZE OF A FOOTBALL PITCH and another THE SIZE OF THAT! There was also a pool the size of a pond. There was a foam party and we had to use the little pool but then somebody told us we couldn’t do that so we went back to our room and had a shower.

There was a disco at around 9:29 to 9:35. We did 5 different songs. The last song we did included everybody.

There was a place where there are a whole bunch of different foods. Like on Wednesday for breakfast there were pancakes,toast and more! There was also a thing called late lunch and it was basically just leftovers and some more from lunch for the people who where late for lunch!

P.S we went with are grandparents,aunts and uncles.

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