in the sun

on Saturday i went outside to play in the sun with my brother
my brother was helping my dad and then
when they were finished Fred played with me. he went on his bike and i ran.  we went up a little tiny grass hill in our
drive way then we went down it. i went back
in the house. I went in the conservatory and read my book of horrid Henry

On Wednesday

On Wednesday we went to Bristol on the coach. Me, Sophie, Ruby and Finlay played hang man and I spy with Mrs Pang. When we got there we had our snacks. Then we went to the museum. We first looked at vehicles and we went in the big bus. There were phones and you listened to someone talking about their lives. Then we went up stairs and looked at pirate things. We saw a shop and you had to put an apron on and you could weigh the food.

After we had looked round we went to have our lunch, there was some really cool pirate food.

I had a pirate lunch box and a pirate cake. We stuck stickers everywhere on our packed lunches! Then when everyone had finished, Pirate Duncan took us on a tour. He showed us caves where the pirates used to hide. We looked in through the windows and we saw a cave in there. Pirate Duncan said that Black beard killed someone and he would hide in that cave. He said that there would be a picture in front so that they wouldn’t find him. He told us lots of information and facts then we had to walk back to the coach. THAT WAS A REALLY COOL DAY


My first story

The other day I wrote my first story and I wanted it to go on the blogsite ((Mummy and Daddy only helped with some of the spelling and punctuation!):

‘The hen was in his pen and the star was in the sky, and the sheep and a dinosaur were playing tag and the sheep won.  Then the clouds came in, the sheep was sad.  The dinosaur had an idea when he saw a house and there was a rainbow.  There was a monster, a coconut fell on his head.  Then it was bedtime, they all went to bed.  In the morning they played tag in the living room.  They sat on the chair and watched Star Wars.  Now everyone was happy.  The end.’

By Matthew Harris