My first national race!

Last weekend me and Daddy went to Manchester for my first national competition. On Saturday I had practice and watched the elites and on Sunday I raced. In my first moto I finished 3rd, in my second I had a big crash but in my last moto I finished 2nd which gave me enough points to make the main final which I finished 7th



After 27 hours of travelling we have finally arrived in Australia. The aeroplane was very big . The airport in Dubai was a very funny shape. I made sure I had my seat belt on before we took off and I had a cosy sleeping bag for when I slept. The food was delicious and Mrs Hirons let me have her salad !!

We had our own mini computer and we had our own screen to watch movies. You could watch the map and see which country we were flying over and lots of information about the flight. It even had a camera on the wheels so you could watch the plane taking off and landing from under the plane.  We watched the new Bond film Skyfall and I saw the Fighting Temeraire picture you have all been learning about at school. It was a bit tricky to watch because Mr Hirons was watching Madacascar 3 . I will have to watch my animal friends on the way home.

The clouds were all shapes and sizes but the best bit was watching the clouds disappear so we could see land and see Australia for the first time.

The hotel is amazing and we are on the 23rd floor. It overlooks Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. There are some very tall buildings here.

No More Sleeps !

I am very excited to be setting off on my adventures. Mrs Hirons gave me a bath and I am all ready to go !  I think the aeroplane is going to be very big.

Visiting the HMS Victory

We had a wonderful day in Portsmouth. It was fantastic to see everything first hand that we have been thinking about in our topic.

My group knew so much and I was really proud of them.

It was also really interesting to see that there were over 300 articulated lorries on the road that day!( in joke- you had to be there) !!

Mrs White


Forest Schools!

I have just finished looking at the photos of some Squirrels out in the forest. It looks as if they were having a terrific time. I would love to go but sadly I haven’t had the chance.

Maybe one day I’ll disguise myself as a Squirrel and sneak onto the minibus! I bet no-one would notice!!! What do you think?

Mrs White

The Victory!

This week everybody will be travelling to Portsmouth on an educational visit to The HMS Victory. This is part of our creative curriculum topic on ‘The Fighting Temeraire’.

In KS2 we have been learning all about what it might have been like to have been a sailor aboard one of the ships in Nelson’s navy. Perhaps the Temeraire or the Tenacious or even the  Victory herself. So, hopefully, everyone will have a good idea about life in those times and will get the most out of the visit.

I am really looking forward to the trip! I expect there will be lots of blogs about it next week!

Is anyone else excited?

Mrs White

Racing Time

In two weeks time I’m  going to be in a real moto cross race.  I can’t wait I’m so excited.  I applied for my racing  licence last night – I am waiting for my racing number to come through.

HMS victory

Me and my family  are going to see the  hms  Victory in Portsmouth when we were going to France. So now we  might have to go a second  time with Mummy and Daddy to see the  hms victory.


I’m going to cornwall with my grandma, grandad and my cousins, my mum , dad and my little brother freddie .We are going to go in 3 weeks. We are staying in a house and I like doing that.

West Kennett Long Barrow

On the last day  of the holiday we went on a day out to West Kennett Long Barrow and Avebury (in Wiltshire). When we  arrived it was cold so we put on warm clothes but still had our lunch outside.

The barrow is a burial mound for important people but it is empty now. It is about 5500 years old.

Me and Tilly

Silbury Hill in the background




Kayleigh came round

On Sunday the 3rd of march my friend Kayleigh came round to play. First we went up to my room then we went back downstairs for a drink. Next we played bingo Kayleigh won.

After that we played cat walks Kayleigh was the person who gets everything ready then we went on the wii on Just dance 4 . Then we had to pick up Samuel my brother from football

After that we dropped off  Kayleigh.




My dad  brought gangman style on the wii  with  our wii  points.One of my big brothers loves gangman style. He  does the dance in front of the tv when your all settled and cumfy. So he  was  the first to have a go. But when i  started to join in  he pushed me out the way. So girls just to warn you do not want a brother. But its even werse  for me because i have got two brothers . GO GANGMAN STYLE.

Running Day

Today is the bath half marathon and my brother is running it . Me and my mum also my dad and my other brother are watching him. At the run we are meeting some friends also my big sister. My big brother did really well and he got 1:25:19 and that was amazing. Then at the end my mum and big sister went to get some tea. And then we all got in the car and went home. And my big sister is staying for a night.

The Fighting Temeraire

Mrs Perry and I have both been watching the James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ and it was really funny because at one point 007 goes to the National Gallery and he sits right in front of the Fighting Temeraire while he is waiting to talk to another spy.

I have been to see the painting recently and it was in a different place In the gallery. I think they must have moved it for the film?

Mrs White

Sophie came round

One day Sophie came round she bought tatoos and we put them on our bellys and head and cheek that was fun.After that we went outside and played on the trampleen and clome the tallest tree I have but we don’t go very high. Next we went in and Sophie and Holly bought a wii game called Rio you were a bird and you had to get the monkeys.They bought a box and I wanted to know what was in it but my my mum woudn’t let me see until the boys had finished but when she went into the other room so me and soph went to have a look we stoll one they were homade choclate brownies they were dilishes we Kept on having some then my mum spoted us.

Its always great having Sophie and Holly round.

issy’s house

Yesterday I went to issy’s house for tea we played wrestiling. issy and henry were on one side and rudy and me on the other side . for tea we had chiken and after tea it was time for me an issy to get ready or beavers so we got ready for beavers and went to beavers. me and issy made musicall istrumants out of pringle tubes and shoe  boxes . it was real fun then wee were doing the badges and I got my highest badge you can get then my mum took us home we dropped issy off  and went home .

When Jessica goes away

When Jessica  is going on brownie holiday Issy.F.might  be comming  for a sleepover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ollie the dog.

My frend has got a dog . She got it a few weeks ago. His name is Ollie and he is a puppy.She got him from a dogs hone.He looks like a calf,but he has not got long legs.

My party

Next weekend it will be my party. I am having a sleep over  Liam and Luis are coming to stay we are going to get up erlay and have a Nerf gun fight and go to bed at 6.00 in the morning


my tree is so is so big we had to chop it down.there is a big pile of branches and twigs and it nily filled the gardon down and me and my bruther got soking wet.



At beavers me and Cody and my other friends there  play football matches and the team that wins they get a medal each.


We are playing on saturday what is the 2nd of march and it is at wedmore  We are playing against frome town youth at 11 o’clock  !!!!!!!!!

The Surprise Present !

Its my brothers birthday today ! Unfotunly he got a nerf gun and 38 bullets plus he can shoot 2 or 1 bullets at the same time! he got a packet of mini eggs with a pound coin stuck on it and because we uselly get something we got a pack too! But it didnt have a pound coin on it.

The beach

On saturday I went to the beach.We bought 3 balls and bucket and spade.It was a sunny day we bought some icecreams mine had a flake out the top.We walked across the beach and we played tag.We went into a giant fair thing inside . Me and Henry went on this thing where you get onto a swing thing and then it goes up and your really high and  you go round in circles when you go over the fence thay was really scary.We got a free ticket and we get 5 or more goes on what ever ride you want.We went on a helterscelter. There were 2 you could choose and  1 slide. I went on the red one. They werent very fast there was a go cart game but we was not aloud to but it was fun watching anyway.We went onto the beach again we walked past a train.


My cat Teddy is so cute.If you see her you would want to cuddle her. Some times teddy is very norty .Like when she scraches the  sofa and jumps on the other cats.  Some times we think she is just playing but she is so frisky and the other cats dont like it.