The Nutcracker Suite

I went to watch a ballet called the nutcracker.It was so fun i even stayed up until ten o’clock in the evening.My big friend mica babysitted my little sister Rosie. We ate to much.


I like going to longleat.  There is so much to do. The deadly challenge is the best.The adventure  castle is fun. I also like the train.

My Holiday

When I  was on holiday I was first place in mini golf . At my  holiday I went to miniclub and I won  two certificates.When I was at my hotel I went swimming every day.I made a friend on holiday she is called lizzy.


Star Wars

Luke sky walker was  a pod racer in the Phantom menase. Luke became a Jedi knight when his father died.His friends are chewy, Obi wan kenobi, Han Solo, Leia,C-3po and R2D2.

Fun with Sand

The beach is very very sandy and hot. We can all make sand castles  using  buckets and spades. Sometimes you can take your dog for a  swim in the sea. You can dig in the sand and fill your buckets with water and tip it in the hole.

Using a Penguin

I went  ice skating. I  went really   fast it. Was fun. I used a penguin.I was really good at  ice skating .I went with Mummy Daddy  and  Hattie.

My Sisters Birthday

When I  woke up it was my sisters birthday.We went into mums and dad’s room . We went like this  mummy mummy dady dady  and  we woke up and sang happy birthday to Georgia. She had a hudl.

My Friend

In  the  half  Term  i  had  Taylor round to play. we went to Frome pump track. On

wednesday   Darron took taylar and I to perry park bmx trak.



My favourite film  is  Matilda. the best  part of the film is when Bruce  bog trotter has to eat an entire plate of  chocolate cake.

Pizza for tea

In  the half   term  we had my brothers  friend  Daniel around and we went to the

cinema and watched cloudy and the chance of meatballs. It was a very good film. We then went home and had pizza for tea.

Puppet Show

I like doing my pupit show. , I  like making them. my favourit wos  making them move. Mine was a bune rabbit.

Sunday Squirrels

On Sunday we went to Weston Super Mare to see my Great Grandad.  We went out for lunch then we went to the park to feed the squirrels some nuts.  They took them out of our hands. We walked around the park to see if there were any squirrels.

Puppet Day

I really enjoyed Puppet day, it was so much fun making my cat and performing it in front of the whole school. I appreciated John coming to our school to show and help us all to create our shadow puppets.

When I got home I set up my own show using my cat and a torch to show my Dad.



Disneyland Paris

Over half term my family and I went to Disneyland Paris. I got lots of character autograph and were Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Mary Poppins, Geppetto, Duffy bear, Flagada Jones, Chip n Dale.

I did lots of Thrill rides while I was there including Tower of Terror, Arrowsmith, Big Thunder mountain and Crush’s coaster, they were awesome!

The Disney parades are so beautiful with lots of  detail having  music and dancing which are fun to watch.

The Disney Dreams fireworks and laser show was amazing. It was projected onto the Enchanted castle and fountains which made it look like the castle was moving.