MY EASTER HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Easter holidays I had Lily to sleep we stayed up for a long time and went to bed a 10:00. We watched Walking on sunshine. My favourite part is ALL OF IT IS A AWESOME FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day Lily went home. So time to go to my worst part of the holiday when my family, so me, Elliot,Mum and Dad went to Becky, Neil ,William and  Alex’s house. We went to the park and I used the stomp rocket that William got for his birthday and I jumped on it and landed on my foot funny and I couldn’t walk on it. So the next day Mum took me to the doctors and they looked at it and said that they think I’ve sprained some ligaments in my foot so I was put on crutches for a few days. We went to Leah’s house for a Easter egg hunt and still managed to do the Easter egg hunt.  

It was a fun Easter holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Easter Holidays

In the first week Clark came round for lunch and a play, we made pizza and easter cakes.  I had a fun day at Berkley and got star of the day.

In the second week we went on holiday to Yorkshire. We had a view of Richmond Castle. Our cottage was nice. On mummy’s birthday we went to La Piazza for tea.  I ate meatballs and spaghetti it was a very big portion. We saw a bird display on Monday. We went to a cheese factory and ate some cheese. Then we went to the chocolate factory. On Thursday we went to York to a Viking museum it smelt of vikings. We went to a farm called Big Sheep Little Cow on Friday, I held a mouse and a rat, I stroked a giant rabbit, a tortoise, a ferret and a chick.  I brushed a pig then we fed the lambs milk in a bottle then Maddie’s lamb ran away!

Here are some pictures


My Easter break was fun on the first Sunday I had Lily to sleep . Lily bought some HARIBOS which were very tasty. The next day lily went home and I had a day where I could do what ever I wanted because we were at home all day. On Tuesday I went rollerskating with Amelia and Elliot and Hugo it was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the rollerskating Amelia and Hugo stayed for a sleepover. Me and Amelia slept in the double bed in the spare room and Elliot and Hugo slept in Elliots room. The next day Amelia went home and Gracie-may came at 6:00 clock to stay for a sleepover we slept in the spare bed again. When it was the morning me my dad my mum Gracie-may and Elliot went to Crealy adventure park.