On Friday I went to a fun day at Berkley.  It rained ALL day but I played some fun games like Bingo, 21, musical statues and musical bumps. I went on the prize list 3 times and I got to pick 3 toys. I chose 2 finger monsters and a football rubber.  On Monday I am going to Cricket Camp.

Moving up day!!!

moving up day was very fun this year.We drew a yiper it was very funny. we did a draw label I did a Minecraft so did Luke!!!

last day day of yr 3

it was the last day of yr. 3 and the last day of Berkley for owls. we had fun times in badgers but lots of people cried in the leavers service because Mrs b and miss p were leaving. but we still had a great time. we packed away all our stuff. they will all bring back memories from the past.

Gym competition

On Saturday I took part in a gym competition.I came joint 1st and won a Gold medal.also I won the team trophy but I got it because I was the only one in my group.My group was called Gymfinity.

mrs b acrostic poem

M e and the whole of Berkley hope you never go.
R E you love we love it all.
S o all of Rabbiats, badgers, owls, and squirrels keep the love inside our  head

B e with us all are life we hope you never go we had you for 1000 years so please we love you so.


New Sister

Ava Poole 1 week old.


here is my new baby sister,Ava she is very cute as you can see. In those pictures she is about a week old but now she is about a week and a few days.She was born with lots of hair and big blue eyes.

she was born on the 26Th of June on a friday because I woke up and went down stairs to have some bagels but on the way down I saw my grandma and jump I asked her what was going on and she said that mum was having the baby and I cried but a good cry. And that is  my story of AVA! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


my coat of arms

for homework we had to find our coat of arms on this website:

we went on the website and we typed in our last name and hopefully we had one if you didn’t have one try your nans last name or your cousins last name or your friends last name whatever you choose I searched mine up and guess what I had one your coat of arms come from different countries  but some come from England remember put in your last name and it will come up.

Our new puppy

we got a new puppy. its so cute. its boulder terrier, and its called Freddie. some people think his couler is a brownie. he chews everything and in the morning he comes in my room and steals my toys. he attacks the our cat Charlie with licking, biting or sniffing.  he barks at the hover and with the brush he chews the end. he makes a mess with with his sticks. he knows 2/3 tricks. he knows sit and down but I put the slash because he knows stay but sometimes he does it. he knows his name and Freddie can be weird sometimes. we take him for walks and when my cousin comes over Freddie plays with ruby my cousins dog. he loves everyone because he jumps up and licks anyone he sees if someone doesn’t play with Freddie he will cry.