On Friday we went to the apple store as a school trip.

We used the iPads. On the iPads we used iMovie and we made videos of us acting as villains super heroes and spies.

Thank you Mrs Hirons for taking us and thank you to the apple store for having us.

Acting Owls

Owls class have been looking at the works of Shakespeare with MrStone. They acted out ‘The witches’ spell: Macbeth, Act Four, Scene 1’. They then constructed their own individual witches spells. As a class we then put these together to make the ‘Owls Witches Spell’. Please watch our videos at the end of our spells.

 Owl Class Witches Spell

Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Round about the cauldron go

In the poisoned entrails throw


Round and squishy blue bird’s eye

Dad’s red and black spotty tie

For a charm of powerful trouble

Like a hell broth boil and bubble


Ancient homework wrapped in foil

Teacher’s glasses in brown soil

Half a cup of water cold

Teeth of a shark really old


Rainbow rays and dark green dye

Tied together with dads tie

Light green dye rains from the sky

When I see it I will cry


A thousand volts from a bolt

Eye-ball of shark, wing of lark

Head of squid with piece of bread

Slimy snout from pig, quite dead



Slimy broken metal brain

In goes a bubbly quick train

Green blobs ear wax in goes two

Stinky smelly cheese, snakes poo


Put in a cheeky smile

You get it from the Nile

Pull a chest hair from a clown

Fry it till it’s nice and brown


Get some belly button fluff

After play some Blind Man’s Bluff

In the cauldron pour rat juice

White and fluffy wings of goose


Purple bones from a toy shop

Sticky pink sweets that go pop

Hulks shoulders, great big boulders

Mrs Langton’s huge folders


De’geas hands and Bales legs

Hanging on some smelly pegs

Messis left foot, Neuers arm

In the cauldron on the farm


In goes brain with fur balls too,

In an hour it will be two

Stir chicken with smelly socks

Pour it in a big fat box


Chopped off finger and a ball

And a shark tooth on a stool

Cows tongue Steven Halkin’s brain,

Hair from a mum, toothache pain.


Broken glass a baby’s heart,

Witches wild treat eyeball tart.

Lovely scrumptious pig, black dye,

Cup of rotten tea, weird pie.


A pigs eye a tail of rat,

A bat goes in with a hat

A bull’s horn and octopus

A cat and Stegosaurus


Roony’s boots, a football lace

Both together in a case

Ronaldo’s boots in a waste

West ham crushed to make a paste


Shiny duster cruel bee’s sting

Cobra venom black flies wing,

Creepy slimy owlet’s eye

Next in goes a rotten pie



Giant gun and two long belts

Electric wires and green paint felts

One piece of nice chocolate cake

In the cauldron boil and bake


For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell broth boil and bubble

Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Rabbits Being Smart

We have been learning how to be safe when we are using a computer or iPad or phone on the internet. We read the story of Smartie the Penguin . Click here to read the story with your child.  Smart has problems with unknown messages ,pop ups and unsuitable games. He learns how to deal with the problems “You have to tell a grown up and ask them to help you “. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember and we have made a Smartie the penguin to take home. Hope you enjoy our video.


On Wednesday at school there was a christmas party. First we had christmas dinner.We all popped open christmas crackers. After a magic man came.The best part for me was when at the end we lined up and did the conga.Then santa visted us.He got me a dazzling denim set. Rosie got a paint your own teddy money box.



Hello Everyone at Berkley School

I had a very long journey with Mrs Hirons going in a car, on a train, then on a coach and then finally an aeroplane. I had lots of sleeps on the plane and we watched lots of movies. Paddington Bear was my favourite and I had ice cream too. We could always see where we were flying on the screen and when we landed there was a camera under the plane to watch the wheels go down.

We went to Hong Kong first and it was very hot and rainy there. We then went to Australia.  It was very exciting to go to School to get Jack and Ella and see lots of children. We have been to lots of beaches . We went whale and dolphin watching but we didn’t see any . This was at Byron Bay which is the most easterly point of Australia. We went to a place called Paradise point for lunch and when we came out there were about 30 Ferrari cars . I couldn’t choose my favourite.

We then went up the Q1 which is the tallest building on the Goldcoast . The views were amazing ! It has the fastest lift in Australia and you can watch a film of it going up and down while you are in it which is really weird.

We went for a walk in the bush to try and find some of my relatives . We haven’t seen any yet as I think they are hiding at the moment. We will keep kangaroo spotting.

I have been to football matches and netball matches with the children and Jack scored a goal and Ella’s team won 15-3 and she won girl of the match.

We are now off to stay in Brisbane for a few days and then going to Rockhampton where there is a crocodile park . I hope they feed them before I get there !

They are also filming Pirates of the Carribean here at the moment so we are hoping to go and see the film set and see the Pirates.

I hope you have lots of fun on your school trip to the castle and send me lots of questions and messages.

lots of love from

Mrs Hirons and Roo !


Our holiday

On Wednesday we went to Cholderton Farm it was FAB!

First we went into our rooms and we had to put our sheets on the bed, put the duvet cover and pillow case on. I wasn’t too good at that but that’s just the boring part.

My group name was SPLAT. We would always meet outside the house and we would do sound off. We all had a number and I was number 10 so Iwould have to shout ‘TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN’!!!!!! It was great fun.

When we where walking to our activities we would always sing certain songs. The leaders, Ellis, Kelly & Tom would say ‘it’s a repeat after me someone is it’ and we would say the same thing back and then they would begin singing the song we would have to repeat,  we would do this all the way to the activity. For example, here is one of the songs, ‘I’m a little coconut lying on the coco ground, everybody steps on me that is why I’m a nut you see, I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m crazy I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m jazy. Called myself up on the phone just to see if I was home, got myself out on a date, I got a date at half past eight, got myself to the Butchers show, sat right down in the very front row, I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m crazy I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m jazy, I’M A NUT YOU’RE A NUT WE’RE ALLL CRAAZZYYYY’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

For tea that night we got to choose weather we wanted fish cakes or chicken. I had fish cakes. My favourite activity was archery, it was really cool. We learned how to pull the arrow out of the ground. We played a game where you had to try and hit red, yellow or blue on a target. If you landed on red you were going to Australia, if you hit yellow you were going to both of the Disneylands’ and if you hit red you were going to Spain.

I had the best residential trip ever and I hope the year 3s have as much enjoyment out of it as we did!

Another Amazing Rain Forest Walk

Today we went back to the rainforest. It was a bit like home today and was rainy and cloudy but the raindrops are huge as well ! The trees are just so enormous.

First we went to see the Hinze dam and you can walk right over the middle of it and look down on the water overflowing.

We then went to see a natural bridge in the rain forest.There is a waterfall which comes down and has formed the bridge. You can go underneath it into a cave. You can then go above the waterfall and there are lookouts on both sides of the water . It was very loud. I hope you can see how tall the trees are from the video.  The trees are so different from ours.

It was wet and cool in the rain forest today.

Forest Schools will never be the same again !!

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

We went to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. There is an animal hospital there where lots of sick animals are cared for. In the park you can see all kinds of animals and get really close up .

We saw pelicans,eels, crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas, dingos, tasmanian devils and so many lizards wandering about we lost count.

We saw the pelicans and eels being fed and a bird show. We were able to feed the kangaroos ourselves but luckily the crocodiles were fast asleep.

There was a magic show and the magician did the same bottle trick that you saw at the Berkley christmas party !

Australian Forest School

Today we went to Springbrook which is a community in the Gold Coast, within the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.   Few places on earth contain so many plants and animals which remain relatively unchanged from their ancestors in the fossil record. There was so much to see we are going to have to back on another day.

We went up a very steep road and stopped at lots of lookouts to see the amazing views of the rain forests, waterfalls and the skyline of the Goldcoast.

The forest is very different to ours. The trees are massive and so tall. They have the most amazing roots. At one of the lookouts we were in the clouds and then they cleared away to show the view and then came back and we could see nothing.


Today we went to look for kangaroos. We found lots !!!!!


Today we went to Kuranda which is known as the Village in the Rainforest. It is situated 380m above sea-level on top of the McAlister Range, in the heart of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforests.
You can travel there two ways. We went up on the train and came back down on the sky rail.There are lots of shops at the village . We had a picnic and did lots of shopping.

The Cairns-Kuranda Railway was constructed between 1882 and 1891. It is amazing that they built the rail track in the rainforest. Hundreds of men were employed to build the 15 hand-made tunnels and 37 bridges. The train journey was very slow and we had a couple of stops to look at the view and the waterfalls

The sky rail was scary as you came down in gondolas above the tree tops and you are very high up.We had to change cable cars as we came down and were able to go to some look outs to see the view.

The Great Barrier Reef

Today was just a perfect day. We went on a  bus to Cairns town and got on a catamaran which took us 36 miles out to sea to Marine Land.

We all had to get changed into special suits and get our flippers and snorkels. We then went down to the edge of the sea and swam above the coral.

It was amazing.

We saw all sorts of fish and sea life. We had lunch on the boat and then went in the under sea viewing area.

We also got on a glass bottomed boat to see some more fish and coral. We saw a 150 year old clam .

We then went snorkelling again. The sea was 29 degrees and so clear and pretty.

We went out for dinner when we got back. Someone was very tired.

Here are a few pictures but there are some more !!

Cornwall days 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Day 5
We went to Falmouth in the rain:( we looked around and had fish and chips for lunch at a famous restaurant called Rick Steins.

Day 6
We walked along to Mutton cove and saw seals being lazy on the beach. We saw some little ones swimming in the shallow water. It was very sunny:) We had lunch on the way back in a cafe on the beach.

Day 7
We went to a fish shop and bought fresh prawns and squid. I tried the squid and it was lovely.

Day 8
Daddy booked us to stay another night in a hotel..We left the beach house and drove to Porth. We went for a huge walk and flew our kites.

Day 9
After breakfast we had to leave:( We went to Padstow and bought some rock and fudge and then stopped for lunch on the way home. I slept all the way back. I loved my holiday but was looking forward to picking up my cat.



Holiday in Cornwall Days 3 and 4

Today we had a another walk and  we walked five miles we also had lunch at the surf shack. The next day we went  on the train to st ives .We also were lucky because we saw dolphins! And we played on arcade games and I got a lot of two pees. We had pancakes and nutella .


The Southwold secret

Kenny Beau Errol margot and Leo set off to Southwold.Thay went to the park it was fun and then we went to the beach.(We built lots of sand castles) here is are video we made.

Apple summer camp!

In the summer holidays I went to the Apple store summer camp to make a video. First we watched the trailer for the film Brave to give us some ideas, then we had to make a story board to tell us what to do.  After we made up some music with an app called Garageband. Then I  went home to video my movie.  My friend Ella helped me.  We then went in the next morning to put it into iMovie, which is another thing you can get on the Mac.  Then we put some words in to make it more interesting.  Then I went home again and came back on the Saturday to watch everyones movies with our families.

Some peoples movies were brilliant.

If you would like to watch my movie that I made you can watch it here now!

Hope you enjoy it!

By Maddie.

About 3 friends who meet up and have a brilliant day out!

The heroes and the haunted house

Me Daniel  Jamie  Beau   and  Margot   made  a film  about  a  haunted   house. Me Daniel Jamie and Beau super heroes and Margot was a monster and she kept scaring us. And here it is.


We had ducks a mummy duck and a daddy duck. The mummy duck got kort by a fox, so we saved the eggs and they hatched. We have baby duck chicks. We had five but one died so now we have four.

All creatures great and small – 3

Making the ladybird

The party

On Tuesday we had a party and a delicious Christmas lunch and a magician came in and shown us some of his tricks . Then the whole school sang jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! to try to get santa to come and get him in the classroom and evryone was excited! And luckily he came!

Victorian Concert

Using the hall at Selwood Middle School to perform in front of such a large audience – about 180 people, was a great adventure for the children and they did brilliantly. It was wonderful to have so many friends of the school both present and past to share the evening with us. Some of our performers were only 4 years old and some of our audience were in their nineties – but everyone had the same thing in common – we all love Berkley School and believe in its ability to give the children a wonderful start in life.

There was a lovely feeling in the hall as our Berkley ‘family’ all joined together in an evening of music, singing, games, recitations and drill. The staff were very proud of the children as they had worked very hard to get to the high standard that you saw and the costumes were terrific.

We are currently on a much needed and well deserved half term break but when we return we will be rehearsing for our next extravaganza – the Christmas Victorian Productions!!!




Monster animation

I made an animation of a monster with my friend Billy. The little monster falls through a hole and the other one laughs at it.

Seaside with Grandma

I  liked palding in the sea