What a magical weekend in the FA Cup!

The fairy tale of this wonderful cup continues as Lincoln City and Sutton United reach the final 16 of the competition. Thank you to Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott for contributing 5 goals between you to sink The Saints!

Mr Kirby’s writing club

I really enjoyed Mr Kirby’s writing club because you learn green grass grows quickly and it means adjective, noun, verb, adverb.  You are allowed delicious biscuits and a drink.  Everyone there loves writing club because we learn new things.

Bath rugby

On Saturday I went to watch Bath rugby play against Pau. It was really good and before the match I got four autographs from the players and played crazy golf. I got a hole in one! At half time I did the pitch parade and was given a flag. We won by a lot, the score was 69 – 10 to Bath. It was very cold, but after the match I stayed to get lots more autographs and photos. I got 15 autographs!! I am watching Bath again soon play against Leicester at Twickenham and I can’t wait!

My Christmas

I have got what I wanted and I had the best Christmas ever and I didn’t get coal.  My elf on the shelf has gone and I think mum is glad about that because he was very naughty and we think he is the same elf as last year because last year he loved  our Christmas chocolates and he did this year to.  Now I have something new to look forward to witch is Australia.