Apples are fun and other news!

The highlight of Badgers week was that we got to go to the Apple store in Bath. We were all very excited about getting to play with the ipads and the ipad minis.
The staff at the Apple store were very impressed by how many musical instruments we all can play and especially that we get taught two instruments at school. They think we are very lucky.
Our first treat was that we all got a bright yellow apple t-shirt that said ‘Fun is in session’ on the back! Miss P couldn’t wait to put her t-shirt on!

We got to make music in groups on an app called Garage Band, (that we are now going to have at school for continued use). There were so many different types of drums, violins, guitars and pianos to choose from and listen to and apply to our creations.
Kian, Leon and Hattie made music and what they love the most is that they can now play it on their computers as we all got given a USB with our very own original song on it.
Yasmin and Zoe created a track on Garage Band and they had a theme of trying to make it sound really really scary.
Charlie and Alex made a cool sound with the violins and added in other instruments to complement that particular sound.
Nate and Gracie-May took turns in adding music into their song which they both thought worked well.
Lily, Gracie-May and Amelia recorded their own original song called Moonlight, which you can find here on the website. It is very impressive.
Sam showed his talents well as he was able to recreate an Ollie Murs song on the keyboard! Whilst Kenny, added his own creative flare on top with other instruments, a great remix.
Toby and Jamie, created at least 3 songs, all very different as the showed just how whizzy children can be on technological equipment.

Miss P and Mrs Hirons took lots of pictures and videos of us creating music and having lots of fun! You can find a few on the website. Go have a look!

Also last week, we learnt a new song in French and it’s called Bonjour. Test us we are really good!
In maths we looked at Odds and Evens. We know that all numbers that end in 0,2,4,6,8 MUST be even and if it ends in 1,3,5,7,9 it MUST be odd. We also discovered that adding an odd and odd together it always makes an even number and adding an even and even together also makes an even number.
In literacy we looked at Antonyms which are words that have the opposite meaning.
We came up with loads these are a few of our favourites:
Kian suggested Bonjour and Au revoir!
Charlie suggested Gravity and Air Resistence
Polite to impolite (prefix)
Use and Useless (Suffix)
In Badgers we are a very clever class!

This week we are looking at Persuasive writing and are all become very good at persuading each other on just about anything even that a chocolate teapot is a good idea or that playtimes are a waste of time!!

Badgers over and out.

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