Australia days 9-12

Tuesday 20/10/2015

Today I went to Freemantle for a look around with mum, dad and the boys. We had a picnic and I played a didgeridoo. My dad has got one and said I can bring it to show and tell and I have some other stuff to bring to show everyone to. We walked along a street called Cappuccino road which daddy says is his favorite place in Australia. I just liked the ice cream. We did see some poor people and a lady sat on the floor with a sign. I gave her a dollar so she can maybe buy a house for her and her children but I don’t really think a dollar is enough but she might get some more. We went to Freemantle Prison which was really cool. It was built by the prisoners when they were first sent to Australia. It was a bit mean that they had to build their own prison though but they were mostly really bad people. They started to build it in 1850 and it took a long time. Some pe*/874ople died trying to build it. They had to build lots of tunnels to for the water for people in the city. I had a look in some cells and the visiting rooms. One of the rooms is a shop now and no prisoners live there anymore. I had my picture taken with the sheriff and I stood in a cell with the door shut but not locked. We saw some children on a school trip. I think they were doing a project.

Wednesday 21/10/2015
We went back to Perth again today and we took my cousin Ella to the Bell Tower so she could ring some bells with me. I rang a big bell and a smaller bell but they are all really big. My mummy told us all about the bells and how they work because when she was younger she used to ring church bells. It is called campanology. Ella had to have a day off school though. We also did lots of splashing in the water fountain. We went in it in the morning and again after the bell tower because it was so very hot. I do think I got a bit sun burnt today and had to have lots of cream on. I found out that the tower has 134 steps to the 6th floor and you can not go up anymore than that. It is 34 meters to the top floor but the tower is actually 82.8 meters high. It has 18 bells in it.

Thursday 22/10/2015
Tihis morning I went to the beach and made some sand angels. This is the same as snow angels but more sandy. I had an ice cream and then climbed some rocks with my dad. I found two crabs which were really big and alive. The waves were crashing on the rocks and splashing me and dad. I played in the sand and made London Bridge and the river out of sand. It was the best model I ever made but we didn’t get a picture. On the wall by the beach there was a massive Lizard which was very long. I didn’t touch it though. It ate a fly while I was looking at it. In the afternoon I went with auntie Naomi to Ella’s school to help with operation Christmas child. We loaded lots of boxes into the car and then took them to a warehouse and unloaded them again. They are presents for all the poor children in the world at Christmas. They have toys and stuff in just like we do at our school. We went out for dinner later and I had a snack pack.

Friday 23/10/2015

Auntie Naomi took me to drop Ella off at school. Then we went to church to help with the little children and play with them. I met a boy with the same name as me and he was nearly 6. Mum and Dad went to Perth to have a posh lunch in the resturant which spins around in the top of the tallest building. Children are not allowed but babies are so they took the the twins with them. I went to the school fair after lunch back at Ella’s school. I dunked one of the teachers in the swimming pool by hitting the target twice in a row. I won some prizes of sweets and chocolate and I had a milkshake. After the fair we came home and played Lego. It was a pretty normal day.


My twin brothers can stand up in their cots now holding on and they are growing some hair.


We are going to Rottness Island on Monday for 4 days so I will not be able to blog then. I will try and blog when I get back.



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