My Holidays

I’m very lucky, or some people might call me sooooooo lucky, but you can call me anything. I have recently been to Disney Florida, don’t be jealous, but that’s just the start.(I might be going again in 2025) This year,(2024) I’ve got MORE great holidays. Don’t be jealous when I say all these things. I don’t know for SURE, okay ? Okay, lets start with how THIS all started.

When I came home from school, my Mum asked me to fill in a chart. The chart was to write ANYWHERE and I mean ANYWHERE in the world. My family put pretty crazy ones, but some of them worked. We go to Portland like a million times each year because my Granny has her own house there which she lets all my cousins and me stay there for FREE!! So if they put down Portland on the chart even like 5 times, we would be going to Portland 5 times. No matter how many times. The second holiday that we were definitely going to is Greece

My Competitions

I (as usual) have loads of things going on . You might think: why do you have millions of things going on? Well, the answer to that question I do not know. We are now talking about my competitions. I have more things going on, but here are the competitions. Here we finally go.

I only have 4 competitions but they are all very exiting. The one I’m most exited for is actually the closest one to now. Its a school swimming race!:) My Mum will take me to Frome Lesiure center at 9 o’clock and what we do is : if you are competing you will swim a length and then another person will go then another then another…. (yawns) Then its your turn again! You go over and over again…Oh! I forgot to mention you will be against OTHER first schools! Also you are against year 3 year 4 year 5 and year 6!!!!!!! Don’t worry, you won’t be against year 6.

The second competition I have is:

I have a school tag rugby tournament ! We will be having training at school.

Christmas and New Year

My christmas and new year this year was one of the best ones yet!

Unlike last year, when things were NOT so great but I’m not talking about last year, I’m talking about this year.

I dont know where to start!

Okay, here we go.

The first thing I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went to the roller disco at the cheese and grain. I loved it so much!

The second thing I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went to my mums friends house!

The third thing I did to celebrate christmas was:(christmas day)

I went to my Grannys house with ALL my cousins! 🙂

The fourth thing that I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went ice skating at bath on ice!

Now were at new years eve.

My friend Millie came round to my house with my Mums friend to watch the count down and I stayed up to 12 o clock!:)

So that was my christmas and new year!

Hoped you liked it

Byeeeeeee! 🙂

Its 2024!

Being Sneaky

when I am sneaky I take it to far. I have a massive list:

1: I found my mum looking at holidays.

2: I know what I’m getting for Christmas.

3: I steal my brothers ps5.

4: I found some random money in my house and put it in my pocket.

5: I was awake at night at a sleepover

Don’t try this.

TT rockstars

Badgers and Owls did a battle of the bands in ttrockstars. Owls [my class]

won! We had multiple prizes and they were UNREAL!

our choices are:


movie with sweets

day with lessons of our choice

a fun morning

arts and crafts session

It was a tie between movie or choice of lessons.

Movie won!

Which one would you choose?

Exiting Things in Life

All of the exiting things I have are mostly just really small

but somehow exiting.

I dont know why but I just cant wait!

The first thing is

I’m getting a new bed maybe a new wardrobe and maybe a MASSIVE desk.

The next thing is an

advent for Christmas. It is soooo close to now and the calendar that I have looks AMAZING!

Since its almost Christmas its almost boxing day. its 2 months until new years eve

and 2024!

The next thing is

its going to snow this week! its not going to pitch sadly but I dont know when but its


In january

my friend is DEFINETLY coming to mine for a sleepover!

one thing thats really far from now is sooooooo exiting and one of the best things I will

experience! (second best after Disney!)

That thing is in 2 years (groan) in 2 years (groan) I will be moving into

wait for it…

my sisters MASSIVE room!!!!!!!!

Shes 17 right now and the reason why I am moving

you might of guesed it

She’s going to university and she has my tiny room for weekends.

Right now I’m just getting ready for Christmas 2023 and I’m

going to a shop called whitehall to buy decorations.

It’s like the best christmas shop ever!

thats the end byeeeeee