In the night my mum woke me up at 2am I was SO tired I screamed loud in joy. I was sooo exited so I sprang to my feet . I got in comfy clothes so I brushed my hair my hair was so curly. I brushed my teeth and I had a yummy bagle and I had some water and I got in the car with a comfy blanket. It was so soft. We had to get to Bristol airport and it took 1 hour. My tummy felt funny. It was sooo dark outside in the sky. We got into the airport. THERE WAS LOTS OF PEOPLE I WAS SUPRISED. I took my luggage and when I got on the bus and there was like 1000 people. It looked so cool. My body was so squished and my sister Phoebe was swished too. I didn’t know that though. WHEN WE GOT HERE I RAN with my family. We managed to get though all check in and we are having yummy breakfast and i had smoothie and banana and it was so yummy. I got so exited I was sooo happy and we were nearly here. IT WAS TIME TO GET ON THE AEROPLANE. wooohooo. I ran so we didn’t miss it and we got on. I was so happy 2 hours the plane. I made friends there and so much more THE END ..