2 tunnels

This time last week l couldn’t ride a bike properly. Today Orla, me and Daddy cycled 8.4 miles through the 2 tunnels from Midford into Bath, and back again

What am I poem

I am orange
I am crunchy, sometimes soft
I have green hair and I can be a snack for you
Rabbits really like me (I’m popular)
What am I?


David Walliams your so cool will you come to Berkley school. We do our work sing and play. We learn skills and thrills everyday. We want to learn more and more each day but when you are here we will shout HOORAY! We are the best make us the press right now!!!

Fun with Sand

The beach is very very sandy and hot. We can all make sand castles  using  buckets and spades. Sometimes you can take your dog for a  swim in the sea. You can dig in the sand and fill your buckets with water and tip it in the hole.



I went to a farm and rod a hors colled trigger. and i saw my little sister rid a hors called george. I had fun.