My gymnastics competition

I went to a gymnastics competition in street with Jo,Hattie,Rosie and Mum. I was in round 1 with my friends Libby and Lottie. We had to do a floor routine and the vault. My score’s were 8.8 in vault and 7.6 in floor.  When the lady said level 2 year 4 I got really excited. She called out 3rd place Libby Brothertson and Eloise Rushton! I was so happy and I saw mum SCREAMING YAAAAYYY!! Then she called out 1st place Lottie Farndale then we screamed!!I got a gold too

here are some photos


WOOKEY HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Wookey Hole with Leah, Sian and David

First we went through these big caves. We had to duck alot and there were deep rivers that were 20-50 foot below the ground! We also had to wear hard hats to keep us safe. Then we went to the gift shop and got a small bag a fill the bag with crystals and rocks. After we went for lunch next to a soft play. Me and Leah got to play in there for a few minutes. We all got to play mini golf. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Leah also played panning for gold. You had to find as many gold pieces as possible. We got a medal at the end and enjoyed a delicious ice-cream! But I forgot my reading book!


We are moving house on the 25th of may!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are living in a bigger house and me and Mia share a fence in our gardens.

when I start Selwood I can walk with Mia,Hattie,Elliot and Freya D.We can ride our bikes to the Frome Flyer.It takes 3-5 minutes but if you walk it takes about 10 minutes.We also can go to the rugby field and the green with everyone.

SO EXICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Greetings England from Australia!

Greetings England from Australia!

We are having a fantastic time here. We go to the beach lots, my favourite is Mullerloo where we swam with Daddy in the waves. I was nearly washed out! We miss all our friends and family!

Year 4s have a great residential trip!

Center Parcs

I went to Center Parcs on Tuesday. I went with Mummy, Daddy, Rio, Rosie, Mica, Kai and Matty.  When we got there we hired some bikes . We rode to a place called the Plaza. Then we had our lunch.  After we rode to the lake, Mica got us 2 boats, Mica, Matty,Kai and Rio went on one and me, Daddy, Mummy and Rosie went on the other one. Me and Daddy sat at the back. It was mine and Daddys job to pedal the boat.

We went to the Sports centre part and played table tennis and mini golf.

We had to ride bikes, we had to ride back up a massive hill to get to the restaurant for tea.

We went to Hawtons for tea.  I had cheesy beans on toast.

After we all went swimming.  First we went in the big pool we found some water slides and I went on them with daddy.  It was dark outside and we went outside to the pool outside.

There was waves in the big pool and rapids it was awesome!

I was very tired when I got home.

Ruby Harrold

On 4 February  I met a famous gymnast called Ruby Harrold ,she is an Olympic medallist for Great Britain. She bought her gold and bronze medals into show us.  She is very talented. We went to Beckington and watched her show us some amazing gymnastic moves, she even did a handstand walk around the hall.    She signed my leotard and we had our photo taken.  I really loved it.

christmas poem

C hocolate n calenders

H ot turkey in the oven

R eindeer flying across the sky

I am so exited

S antas on his way

T winkling lights on the tree

M istletoe hanging

A dvent is here

S nowmen outside


On Wednesday at school there was a christmas party. First we had christmas dinner.We all popped open christmas crackers. After a magic man came.The best part for me was when at the end we lined up and did the conga.Then santa visted us.He got me a dazzling denim set. Rosie got a paint your own teddy money box.



Dance Show

On Saturday 31st of October Me and my sister starred in a Bojangles show at the Merlin theatre. Every two years we do it.Our dance teacher Nicola chooses one person from each group to have a trophy. In Rosie’s ballet class Rosie got it and in my balletclass my friend Maisie got and in my tap class

Poor birdie

When I was  sitting in the conservatory I saw a baby bird flying in the garden. It flew into the window.I ran over to Mummy and said MUMMY THERE IS A BABY BIRD THAT HAS FLEW INTO THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!So Mummy said to go and tell Daddy.I told Daddy so he got into his clothes because he was still in his pj’s. Daddy went outside and said to me and Rosie don’t come outside because we could scare the bird. Daddy came back and said can you see all those birds that are looking all over him if I go and bring him in to rescue him all those birds will get angry so we left him for a bit. Then we went outside again and Daddy moved him gently. Rosie said can we take him to the vets. Nooo we all shouted!!!!!! Daddy moved the hose then he flew away, back to his family.



David Walliams


David you are the best

Awful antie is my favourite book

Vanished forever

I need you

Ding dong come on

Wowzer talent

A million fans

Laughing happily

Listening forever

I am desperate to see you

A brilliant school wants you

My book needs to be signed

Super books

100 Word Challenge

Christmas means to me, spending time with your family, opening presents ,reindeers, santa, eating turkey, decorating your christmas tree and lots of yummy treats.

It also means relaxing, Chistmas films and wearing Christmas jumpers.  We should also remember people who maybe don’t have such a good time at Christmas.

It also means advents calendars, counting down the sleeps until Christmas, santa’s elves,  wreath’s, cold frosty weather and ringing bells.  Also, Christmas puddings and leaving milk and a mince pie for santa.

I wish everybody at Berkley school a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Love Eloise


H happy times eating sweets

A apples are not for hallowen

L lovely chocolate

L late nights for everyone

O orange pumkins at the front of your house

W wearing scary costumes

E eating all day long

N never miss hallowen


At camping it was raining every day very hard .

we went to bude

I went with my mum’s friend and dad’s friend and ruby

the tent did not fit on the caravan so a man cam and helped

and we finally done it  I went surfing it was fun we went to the beach


I went to was really nice because I went to the pier.Me and my granny and Anne went to a game hall.i got 30p from my granny and had lots of  ice granny and me sat on the train for took a long time.

Eloise’s 12 Days of Christmas

12 pigs in blankets

11 stuffing balls

10 roast potatoes

9 honey glazed carrots

8 crispy parsnips

7 brussel sprouts

6 mince pies

5 chocolate biscuits

4 quality street

3 Christmas pudding

2 pots of gravy

and a large turkey in the oven.



Deven cliffs

I really like winter but summer is the best because I went to Deven cliffs. On wednesday my baby cousin Noah came. We stayed in a caravan.


We made pizzas

In squirrels we made pizzas. We used tomato purée pitta bread and cheese.

They were yum yum. After we made our pizzas we cooked them in the oven we took them home.


The Nutcracker Suite

I went to watch a ballet called the nutcracker.It was so fun i even stayed up until ten o’clock in the evening.My big friend mica babysitted my little sister Rosie. We ate to much.

Ballet exam

I passed my first ballet exam. I got a certificate and a rosette. It was fun and I like bending my knees in a diamond shape. Rosie my sister does ballet now too she is in melody bear class.