My race day

On Sunday I raced at bath. I raced against the best riders in the region. In my moto’s I came 1st, 2nd, 1st and then I raced the final and beat two of my closest racers to come first! I’m going to race Peckham this weekend In rounds seven and eight Of the national series.

Reading blog

I chose my favourite book from when I was little. It is called Dave.It is about a Cat who eats too many treats and gets stuck in his cat flap. His friends feed him beans until he has wind and it blows him out of the cat flap. It really makes me laugh. I decided I would read it at my Great Nanny’s grave with my Mum and Dad. I never got to meet her because she died just before I was born but my Mum has told me how special she was and how much she would of loved me. I really wish I could of met her but I enjoyed reading my book to her.

Harrison’s Christmas

At Christmas we went to see Santa at Lacock garden centre and he read a story to us. It was called Little snowy bear. After that we chose a present, I chose a Lego F1 set it was cool.

On Christmas Eve we looked out of the window and saw Santa outside. Then he left a present on the door step for us. Mine was a lego submarine which I loved. Christmas morning I got my sack and sat on the end of my Mum and Dad’s bed and opend my present’s. When we came downstairs we saw that Santa had left foot prints on our carpet,Which led to our new park bikes. We had a quick go on them in the house. After we got dressed Nanny and Grandad came round to our house. We had to close our eyes then open them. I had a shock of excitment, we had two football goals in our garden. Later on we went to Auntie Emma’s house for the rest of the day. I had a great Christmas!

European cup BMX

Last weekend I went to Manchester to race the BMX European cup, against the best riders in Europe. I had an amazing time and raced really well, just missed out on the final by 1 place. This is my quarter final where I beat the world number 8. My race is at 1 min 34.

This is my semi final

Looking forward to winter training and the start of next season!

Regional championships

last weekend Finlay and I raced at the regional Championships in Exeter. It was Finlay’s first championship and He really wanted to finish on the podium. He rode really well and made the Final after getting two 1sts and a 2nd in his qualifying rounds. He tried so hard but just missed out on 3rd  by half a wheel, I was very proud of him.

This was my 3rd championships and I had finished 2nd both times before. I was determined this time that was going to win it. Like Finaly I had 2 wins and a 2nd in my qualifiers and knew I had to give it all to stand a chance. The gate dropped and I snapped first and hit the first corner at the front. I led all the way and going intomthe last corner where my dad was standing, I wanted to shout to him the I was going to do it but I knew I needed to concentrate to the end. It was a great feeling to finally have the title and the SW1 plate.

Finlay’s holiday

During my Holiday i went to Belgium with my family. We stayed at a place called Molenheidestraat ( Like a Centre parcs). We had loads of fun, it had a great pool with massive slides and a huge indoor and outdoor play park. I watched Harri race which was fun and spent lots of time with my friend Jenson.

I raced at the British Championship when I got home and was really unlucky not to make the final against the top riders, just getting knocked out in the Semi finals. Really Happy to finish in the 12 in the country this year and hopefully finish even higher this year. I have been signed to the same team as my brother and am looking forward to next season.

Hope you all had a great time!!

Harrison’s holidays

During my holidays I was lucky enough to be selected to be part of the Great Britain squad to travel to Zolder in Belgium for the Bmx world championships. The weather was really hot and the track was inside “Spa” Formula 1 race circuit and we parked on the race track.
Daddy had told me that there was a big first jump and decided that if I wanted to do well I would have to jump it. In practice I hopped in and out of it a couple of times and then just went for it!
When it came to race day I cleared the jump and was leading my first race of the championships. I had a Japanese rider, 2 Belgiuns, Chech Republic, Netherlands,Spanish, and a Columbian. I finished 2nd in my first 3 races but made a mistake in the knockout stages and unfortunately got knocked out. I had a really great time and my best Bmx buddy became world champion!

When we got home I raced at the British championships, I won my first race and made it all the way to the semi finals against all the best British riders. I’ve had a great season except for a few crashes. I have signed for a new team next year and have a new sponsor, so I’m already excited about next season. Hope you all had a great Holiday!

My weekend in Manchester

I went to Manchester this weekend to race. The racing didn’t go exactly to plan, I had a crash and I narrowly missed out on going through to the finals, but am looking forward to racing Kent in the next round.

On Saturday my friend Taylor and I went into the Velodrome and watched the British sprint team racing. After they finished they started talking to us about our racing. They signed my Great Britain race shirt and let me sit on their bikes and wear their shoes. When I am 10 they have invited me back to ride with them.

100 Word Challenge

I love christmas time because I get lots of chocolate and nice food. I enjoy spending time with family and friends which some other people don’t.

On Christmas Day Finlay, Sulli and I sat on Mummy and Daddy’s bed and took it on turns to open our stocking presents. I got a globe, remote control helicopter, lego, a onesie and some other bits. We then went down stairs to see what was there. I had a great surprise, IT WAS MY MOUNTAIN BIKE!

After that, Mummy and Daddy gave us another surprise, it was a new set of wheels for our race bikes.

We had a great dinner but our new oven blew up!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas

My half term.

In my holiday I went to Birmingham BMX track for a coaching session. At the end of my session I did the biggest jump and failed. That was the end of my day as I really hurt my wrist. I came home and went to the hospital to check if it was broken. I had an x ray but luckily it was just badly sprained. We also went to longleat with Elliot to watch the fireworks which was great fun. At the end of my holiday I went to my auntie Emma’s party and stayed up really late. I had a great holiday.

Season is nearly over!

Well the season is coming to an end now with just one race left in Manchester at the weekend.

Mummy,Daddy and I would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs B. And all the teachers for supporting me with time off and to all my friends for your good luck messages.

So I arrived back from the world championships a little disappointed after I became Ill in holland and had to race with a headache, feeling sick and having a temperature, but had a great time and managed to get through to the 1/4 finals.

Since I have got back I have raced at the South West championships and finished 2nd. Well, Looking forward to manchester at the weekend and then to next season after a winter of lots of hard work.

Racing for Great Britain at the world championships.

At the start of the month I raced in the British series in Derby and following a big crash I managed to finish 4th in my Final. On Sunday I raced in Bideford and after a win in my moto’s I finished 2nd in the Final behind my good friend Taylor. This weekend I sail to Rotterdam in Holland after being selected for the Great Brirain squad for the World Championships. It’s going to be hard but hopefully I can finish inside the top 32 in the world! Here is a picture of me in my Great Britain kit.



Harrison’s 12 days of Christmas!

On the 12th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 12 Golden spokes,
On the 11th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 11 gates are dropping,
On the 10th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 10 riders jumping,
On the 9th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 9 Troy lee helmets,
On the 8th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 8 carbon forks,
On the 7th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 7 power block tyres
On the 6th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 6 Risk team mates
On the 5th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 5 Gold rims
On the 4th day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 4 Golden cranks
On the 3rd day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 3 Brake blocks
On the 2nd day of Christmas Santa sent to me – 2 Bombshell wheels
On the 1st day of Christmas Santa sent to me – A Chrome Chase BMX frame.

Busy weekend for Finlay and Harrison

On Saturday we both raced in Exeter, Finlay finished 7th in his first visit to the track and harri finished nod racing the 8’s,9’s and 10’s. In the evening we travelled to Bristol to our club presentation where Harrison picked up 6yr old winner and regional rider of the year. Finlay is currently winning his age group so will hopefully pick up his trophy early next year.
On Sunday morning we got up and put up our Christmas tree before taking a trip over to longleat. Early to bed tonight ready for school tomorrow!

My Friend

In  the  half  Term  i  had  Taylor round to play. we went to Frome pump track. On

wednesday   Darron took taylar and I to perry park bmx trak.

Season nearly over.

Well the season is nearly finished, I’ve had a really great year. I qualified for the European championships in Belgium and the world championships in New Zealand! I finished my first season of nationals as British number 9, south west number 2 and have won both Bristol club championships. I am off to Birmingham for the British championships next weekend and the South West championships on the 8th September. Then the season is done. Lots of hard work over the winter working towards the world championships in Rotterdam next year!!

World champs in New Zealand

I had an email on Friday night from British Cycling to say I had qualified for selection to represent the Great Britain team at the forthcoming BMX World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand. And this weekend in very wet and windy conditions I finished 2nd overall in Wales.

My first national race!

Last weekend me and Daddy went to Manchester for my first national competition. On Saturday I had practice and watched the elites and on Sunday I raced. In my first moto I finished 3rd, in my second I had a big crash but in my last moto I finished 2nd which gave me enough points to make the main final which I finished 7th


My first medal

I went BMX racing in Exeter for my first regional race, I finished 5th and got my first medal. On bank holiday Monday I went to a barbecue at Bath BMX track, it was lots of fun.


i went to jessica’s for a bbq. I had a roll with chicken dippers ,beef and sausages. it was fun.

Feb half term

I have had a busy half term. On Saturday my dad and I went to the bmx track to do some practicing which was great, On Monday I had swim academy and I was brilliant at swimming underwater.

On Wednesday Mummy, Finlay and I went to junction 21 to play and when I was there I saw Rowan and Kian. Also this week I have been getting things ready for my birthday party on Sunday at the rugby club.

Looking forward to seeing my friends again.