my half term

I went to Old Harry Rocks and it was lots of fun. It was really windy! I found a massive stick and brought it home.
I went to the Cinema with my brothers and watched Sing and afterwards we went for lunch in an Italian with the ‘We care 2’ fostering team and it was nice.

Blogging competition

Here are a list of 20 words i found out of the word Harvest Festival :

Earth, share, heart, vests, starve, sets, have, feasts, shavers, rats, tests, tastes, leafs, leaves, sea, salt, vital, stars, heat, trash .

My football sweep stake teams

My teams are Germany and Republic of Ireland. We put all the teams in a bag and picked out two each in my family. I hope Germany wins , as Manual Neuer is the best goalie in the world (I think ) .

Reading in an unusual place

I read Horrid Henry with my mum. It was about him having an adventure, so I read it when I went on an adventure with my family.


Happy holidays

Over the Christmas holidays, we went to see Santa at Wookey hole and had a great time around the caves.
We drove up to London, and walked around Piccadilly and Leicester Square, we had our tea in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant and my ice cream was amazing!!
I have seen lots of my family over the holidays,which has been really good. Father Christmas brought me everything I asked for.

David Walliams

I would love David Walliams to visit because he is super funny. I think he would make us giggle. We could write some awesome stories for him to read. We could show him our rainforest and tell him about the things we learn at the best school in the world.

My five sentence challenge

1) I like the excitement of Father Christmas coming.
2) I like opening presents.
3) Christmas makes me happy inside.
4) The Santa train was lots of fun.
5) I love my advent calendar chocolates.

By Laygan