Wookey hole

Eloise and I went to wookey hole we went into the mirror maze!!!!!!
We looked so silly, we looked so diddy the next thing we know we were chubby and then tall it was great fun. Eloise and I found some gems yellow,pink,purple,blue,white,white and purple in the same rock ,brown,teal,red, orange and white in the same rock,black white and brown in the same rock and black and brown in the same rock . My favourite part of wookey hole was the gold rush we got a lot of gold and then got very very WET!!!!!!!!!! We found about 30 pieces of gold
A lot of gold . We went into the caves and we saw hairy cheddar cheese YUCK YUCK YUCK GROSE . We had an amazing day today . On Tuesday I will bring in my rocks on 7th of June 2016 !!!! Comment down below if you have been there and if you did enjoy it if you did not why?

I got my ears pierced !!!!!!!

I got my ears pierced !!!

I got my ears pierced on Tuesday !!!! We went to Trowbridge . In the car Eloise and I decided who would get it done first……….. when we got there the lady called my name and I sat up on the chair. I was very scared. The lady gave me a bored with all the earrings I could choose from. I saw some silver studs and I pick them Eloise picked some gold studs. When I got up in the chair they opened a drawer and I saw all the mini guns with the earrings ready on them and so they both got a gun and they counted up to 5 . 1 2 3 4 5  and it was all over. I looked in a mirror and I look really amazing. I can’t wait to go to school on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What am I ?

I am green , I grow on a tree and when I’m ripe I change colour to brown and purple!!!!

What am I ?????????

Selwood academy open day

I had a look at Selwood academy the school I would like to go to in September next year .It was VERY exciting I was walking in and Mia and Eloise ran to see me . We saw two hand made racing cars . We got a big bag with a note book ,pencil ,mini ball,pen and a drink’s mat .we saw Charlie she came with us we went to the canteen for a taste of the school food it was very yummy,we explored the classrooms it was a very fun night at Selwood!!!

Moving up day!!!

moving up day was very fun this year.We drew a yiper it was very funny. we did a draw label I did a Minecraft so did Luke!!!

“My 100 word blog”

Christmas reminds me of tree’s being decorated and star’s being put on top.Santa going “ho oh ho ” and carol’s being sung . Children trying to get to sleep, and stockings being filled , some with coal if you have been naughty . Jesus Christ was born on the twenty fifth of December . Lots of people came to see him laid in the manger full of hay . Three wise men brought gift’s gold,frankincense and myrrh they followed the star of Bethlehem which was the brightest star in the sky. The Shepard left their flocks . Guided by the brightest star in the sky to see Jesus

Halloween poem !!

Staying up on Halloween
Eating all of the sweets
Scaring are mums and daddy’s
Halloween costumes are amazing
Halloween is the best day of the year

the school disco

The school disco the best day ever.  Here are some things that they had. Glow sticks in different colours and tattoos or glittery tattoos and yummy food.

London Trip

We went on the London Eye.It was great but we got stuck for 1 hour as it broke down .We also went on the River Thames on a boat we saw lots of things.

We saw the ITV STUDIOS where they film Ant & Dec

We also went on 2 train trips it was great


easter blogging

Easter egg hunt
A busy day
Standing in the rain
Tasting Easter eggs
Everyone having fun
Racing to find the Easter eggs

Our trip to London

We arrived safely at our hotel,first we have to book in,then we went into our room!! I have my own BIG bed!!!! I’m looking forward to my bacon and egg’s for breakfast yum yum. Nite nite everyone xx


I like going to longleat.  There is so much to do. The deadly challenge is the best.The adventure  castle is fun. I also like the train.