Jenson Button !!!!!!!!!

Friday night me Jessica and dad went to see the lights being turned on by Jenson Button and he drove his racing car through. They handed out some ear plugs because the car was really loud. then we went to the fish and chip shop and when we got in there my fum was bleeding because it was so cold it cracked open . When we got home we ate the chips. Then I was watching celebrity get me out of here . So then me and dad watched the news because Jenson Button was on it . I finally went to bed .When we were there we had our photos taken and it is on the internet !!!!!!!





from town ladies football club

When it was the 20 of April I was a mascot for the frome town men and we had to hold their sweaty hands and then we had to shake their sweaty hands. The goalkeepers gloves were all spongy and when they wre training they spit on their gloves. We went to wash are hands because they were that sweaty I said `yuck’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS FUN

When Jessica goes away

When Jessica  is going on brownie holiday Issy.F.might  be comming  for a sleepover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are playing on saturday what is the 2nd of march and it is at wedmore  We are playing against frome town youth at 11 o’clock  !!!!!!!!!

The twins next door

On the day they were born Anisly next door came round with some photo of the twins and they are cute . one is calld Sphiea and the over one is calld milla .

christmas day !

when i woke up i had to throw a toy at lucy to wake her up, we had to get our new dresses on that dad bought us but mum and grandma didnt know until we all came down stairs and read the letter that santa left for us. the best present i had was a netbook jessica had one aswell we left them till last to open. it was the best christmas so far.

school holidays

When we went to Trowbridge with my mum and dad and jessica we went shoping and we got nothing but when we got home we got some ICREME and some chocolate to macke us happy and when we whent out again  we had a mcdonalds and me and jessica had abloon each and then we went to pick up lucy from grandmas because she whent to bristol with grandma and then we all got home and we all went to bed

Exciting Day

On Tuesday the shcool went down town to watch the olympics torch. first we whent to st john’s school to put our lunch boxes and then we all went d0wn town . the best bit of the day was when the olympics flame came down the hill. it was exciting.


i went to wells carnival there was little children dressed up as a heltershelter and there was lots of fantastic floats and lots of dancing and there was bright lights and we parked next to mrs langton and her mummy who was looking after her and I saw my god parents there and it was funny.