Badgers…En Francais

This week we started to learn a new language, French. We all learnt how to say Hello, which is Bonjour, my name is… J’mappelle….
Goodbye is Au revoir and we learnt how are you. Which is ca va? And to answer you say ca va bien. If you feel good.
We are really excited to learn more French.. (Families you can test us at home!)
Charlie wants to find out about food.. and what are you cooking?
Kenny would like to learn the days of the week.
Hattie would like to learn how to say.. what are we doing today? And Alex added what work are we doing today?
Hopefully over the next few weeks and months we will become super duper french speakers!

This week we had recorders officially for the first time and we all learnt how to hold it and play the first note B. We now know that the squiggle at the beginning of a piece of music is called a Treble Clef and that it is on a row of lines called a Stave. We also had our first Violin lesson and we cant wait to start playing it properly next week!

In literacy we looked at alliteration which we all found fun to do. We just came up with the twisting, topped, tortoise made terribly, terrifying noises! Many of us then used alliteration in our Extended Writing task.
We looked at stories and wrote about a spooky, dusty ancient door that we all had a picture of. Some people wrote about the things that were behind the door.. others couldn’t get through the door and some told an adventure story of how they found the door and where it was.

In numeracy we have been looking at place value and all the children have been able to parition big 3 digit numbers into Hundreds Tens and Units. We have also started to learn the 3 times table and have promised Miss P to practise every evening for 2 minutes at least!

In art we have created a giant jigsaw with one piece created by each child to represented themselves and to show how we all fit together as a class.

Looking forward to telling you all lots more about what we have been getting up too in Badgers over the coming weeks.

Au Revoir!

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