Black and White

Last week we started our new topic, Black and White. We all got to dress up in black and white, there were cats, witches, skeletons, cows, sheep, zebra, dog onsies, penguins, waiters and much more!
In class we had a brain storm about all the things we thought related to the black and white topic and we hope to find out more about some of our ideas over the coming weeks.



In art this week we learnt about silhouettes and created our own. Miss Pennington thinks they are all amazing and we cant wait for you to see them on parents evening.

In history we have started to learn about a very important man called Martin Luther King Jr. He wanted peace between black and white people across America and for everything to be equal and fair, including playing together as children, jobs, seats on buses and the right to vote. He did a very famous speech called ‘I have a dream’. We are looking forward to learning more about him as we think he is a very kind man and we couldnt understand why people didnt agree with him straight away.

As part of our homework last week we have all created a prayer each, and each week one poem will be chosen to be read out at the end of each day. This week Zoe’s prayer is being read out. It is about praying for the homeless to have food, water and the chance to learn like us.

In music we have all been working very hard on the Harvest songs and in English on our Harvest Poem. We cant wait to share it with you in Church this week.
We also got to play the violins and started to learn how to pluck the strings and they are called G D A E.

In French we continued with how to have a conversation, ask questions, how are you? and what is your name? Also we looked at colours and learnt Black and White in French which is Noir and Blanc. We have learnt up to 15 in French. This week we are going to learn up to 20!

As Badgers we are all working and playing hard and we cant wait to learn lots more.

Over and out.
Badgers and Miss P

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