First when we got there we set our tent up and me Yas, Zoe, Hattie and Elliot went to see the goats.Then the next day we went to the shop to buy some sweets and I bought a lolly pop .And after we went to the farm and we saw some peacocks and we saw five of them and we saw some wooly pigs .then there were some guinea pigs in a shed and rabbits then we went back to the campsite. On the Saturday we went on a steam train into Swanage, it was really fun with everyone. We went to the arcade and won lots of 2ps and lollipops. I played air hockey with daddy and I won. We played on the beach on Sunday and me and William made a pebble boat. Then we went for a lovely tea and I had the biggest burger in the world. We loved playing altogehter in our van and tents and we had cooked breakfast 2 mornings under Auntie Jan and Uncle Gary’s gazebo. On Monday morning we were sad because everyone else had to go home. We stayed 2 more nights as mummy and daddy didn’t have to work and went to Monkey World and we saw some apes and I bought a squirrel monkey that I will bring to show and tell on Friday. On Wednesday we made friends with a boy called Josh and we played in the park with him and we went on the see saw and the swings. We came home on Wednesday after going on a ferry across to Sandbanks where we had fish and chips and there was a massive park which was lots of fun. The best things about camping is that we all played games together and we helped eachother out and I can’t wait to do it again. Maddie

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