Jubilee Day

The last day of school before the half term break was centred around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. The whole school dressed in red, white and blue! Ladies from the Mothers’ Union came into school to help the children to decorate special jubilee biscuits which were then eaten at lunchtime! Yum. The MU ladies were so complementary about the way the children had behaved which was great to hear. Everyone made a ‘crown’┬áto wear during the picnic, we all made bunting ready for the ‘Berkley Olympics’, and in Badgers’ class we began to draw portraits of the Queen – which we will finish next half term.

It had not been the best of weather so the field was wet. We decided to have our picnic on the playground which worked out quite well. Chloe and Max’s mum with the help of Christopher’s mum had made 100 small cakes which were beautifully presented on cake stands. And they were delicious – so a huge thank you to them for their thoughtfulness.

After the lunch Mrs Langton organised everyone for a country dancing session which was fun and then Mrs White led a very loud three cheers for the Queen – which we have been told she heard in London!!!

After that we all went back to our own rooms before starting an extra long Golden Time [ Diamond Time?] when children from the different classes mixed together.

We took lots of wonderful photos which will appear on the website once we return to school.

Mrs White.

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