Leavers’ Trip

Today the Year 4 Leavers, Mrs Perry and I travelled to Warminster School for a special day of science, PE and music. First of all we travelled into the world of CSI as we tried to solve a crime that had been committed. We took finger prints and matched them to ones found at ‘the scene of the crime’. We went on to identify the perpetrator of the crime by investigating a range of inks taken from different pens. It was such fun!

Then, after a short break, the children had a tennis lesson. This was also very enjoyable although it rained very hard and we had to come in early.

Finally we had a drumming lesson. This was absolutely terrific! The teacher was ‘outstanding’ in my view and the children had a brilliant time playing the djembe African drums.

Finally the school treated us to lunch and this was delicious.

Then we returned to school

It was a really enjoyable day and we are very grateful to the staff of Warminster School for the invitation and for the welcome received to day.

Mrs White

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