Medieval Banquet Day

Today we had another of our ‘WOW’ days and for me it was the most perfect day. The rain held off which was a blessing as in the morning we were visited by an archer who set up his targets on the school field. He demonstrated his skills to us and some children were able to have a go. Olivia scored a bullseye with her first arrow! We all brought medieval style lunches and wore amazing hats and crowns that we had made.

In the afternoon we met the armourer. He brought a range of ring mail, helmets, plate armour and weapons. The children were able to try some of the items on and impressed the armourer with their knowledge of medieval weaponry and of how to attack and defend a castle.

Then we met the falconer. He brought two Harris Hawks and two different owls. They flew around the field, skimming over our heads and causing great excitement.

As a teacher I think this was one of my favourite days of the year, and believe me there have been lots of great ones! So I am sure that the children must have really enjoyed themselves. They are certainly very fortunate – such a memorable and wonderful day can only enhance their education and give them a real enthusiasm for learning!

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