My Family Trip to Wookey Hole

We have been to Wookey Hole and we had lots and lots of fun.  It was really exciting because we got to explore in the caves.  There were lots of activities to do there – we went to the 4D cinema which had special seats that moved and the film that we watched was a dinosaur adventure. At one point, we even got ‘wee’d’ on by a dinosaur and got wet!! We had dinner in the pirates cafe and a yummy ice-cream in the ice cream shop. I went into the soft play bit with Travis then we played crazy golf.  We even had a go at ‘panning gold’ which I got a medal for.

My favourite bit was panning gold and seeing the bats in the caves.

The lady who showed us the caves told us that cavemen used to live there in their bare feet and she also told us the story about the witch and her dog who were turned into stone!


We had lots of fun.  I hope you enjoyed my blog.


Lola x



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