My Half Term

I’ve had a really exciting half term. First I went to a fostering workshop and it was a nature hunt , which was really good. Then it was my dads birthday and we went to Bath for the day shopping. Then ……….. Saturday came which was my birthday. I got lots of presents but best of all mum and dad surprised me and I got tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studios. Even better we were leaving in two hours !!! It was amazing and I got a Harry Potter wand , but the best thing was when we got there they asked if anyone had a birthday, I said YESSSSS and I got to open the doors to the great hall. I can’t wait to see my best friend Jamie because he sent me a birthday text to my mum. Hope you all had a great half term like me.

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  1. Wow Archie! What a great surprise!
    I went to Harry Potter Studios in the holidays too for my Mother in-laws Birthday. She got to open the doors too. It was very exciting! What was your favourite part? Maisy loved riding a broomstick and using the wands and the shops in Diagon alley. I even got to ride a broomstick! I loved the model of the castle and the hippogriff – well actually I loved it all! Glad you had an amazing time!
    Mrs Matthews

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