After 27 hours of travelling we have finally arrived in Australia. The aeroplane was very big . The airport in Dubai was a very funny shape. I made sure I had my seat belt on before we took off and I had a cosy sleeping bag for when I slept. The food was delicious and Mrs Hirons let me have her salad !!

We had our own mini computer and we had our own screen to watch movies. You could watch the map and see which country we were flying over and lots of information about the flight. It even had a camera on the wheels so you could watch the plane taking off and landing from under the plane.  We watched the new Bond film Skyfall and I saw the Fighting Temeraire picture you have all been learning about at school. It was a bit tricky to watch because Mr Hirons was watching Madacascar 3 . I will have to watch my animal friends on the way home.

The clouds were all shapes and sizes but the best bit was watching the clouds disappear so we could see land and see Australia for the first time.

The hotel is amazing and we are on the 23rd floor. It overlooks Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. There are some very tall buildings here.

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  1. Thank you Yasmin and Maddie. I am having a great time. Maddie tell daddy the apple store has four floors in Sydney . Yasmin it is very exciting and the view is amazing.

    Berkley Bunny

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