Take That

I went to see take that in wembley. It took us 3 hours to get there. When we got there we walked to the tube station. We meet a friend and had tea with her. After we walked back to the wembley stadium. We had to walk though the security. Eventually we got our seats. I sat next to a teenage girl she was nice.  1 hour later 2 men came on called the pet shop boys. After them there was a count down on.  it was 2 minutes then the 4 of them came on,Gary,Howard,Jason and Mark they sang some songs from the circus and patients albums.[we also had scarfs and whistles] Then a man called Robbie came on he sang some of his songs. Suddenly all 5 of them were on the stage. They sang some new songs from their new album the progress and some old ones. When it finshed at 11:30 we slowly made are way out. When we got to the car we got tucked up and went to sleep. When we got home it was 2:20 so we went straight to bed.

by abi

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