The best christmas.

At school we sang songs about The Little Red Robin.
I enjoyed it when I stood up in church and read my part to the audience.
I absolutely LOVED seeing Santa come past my house on his sleigh. The music was so loud and the lights were very bright!
This year it was my turn to put the star on top of the tree. Mummy had to lift me up high as it was so tall, as tall as our ceiling in fact!
I love being with my family celebrating Christmas.

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  1. I am the little red robin.
    I saw santa on his sleigh to.Mummy and daddy had to wake me up as I was in my bed asleep. I saw my friends watching santa come by.
    Merry Christmas everybody!


  2. I thought you were all so good in your nativity performances! It was lovely to hear you all read so well & I thought the singing was great!
    I love Christmas too, it’s so exciting!

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