The force awakens

I went to Bath cinema to watch Star Wars the force awakens. The film started with the storm troopers invading Jakku. My favourite charater is BB8 because he is very funny and he has cool patches of Orange. My favouite part is when Ray and Kylo Wren had an epic lightsaber battle and there was a massive cut in the ground. It was sad when Han Solo died I don’t know why his son, Kylo Wren killed him. It was funny when Ray said to a storm trooper “Let me out of these cuffs and leave this cell with the door open and drop your weapon” the storm trooper did it. At the end Ray finds the missing Luke Skywalker. It was funny that C3PO had a red arm. It was weird that Kylo Wren had a master as big as the Eiffel Tower. It lasted for 2 hours and 15 minutes, that was a really long time!!!!! The film was amazingly fun, it was action packed, I would definetly watch it again and again!!!!!!!!!

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