The Journey and Days 1 and 2

Journey Monday -Wednesday.
Hi everyone in squirrels and the teachers, I am in Australia and Perth. It took one whole day and night to get here. I liked the games and movies on the plane and watched inside out. I had my own TV which came up from under the seat. It was cool but you had to wear headphones. The babies had cots on the wall in front of mummy and daddy. It was past the middle of the night when we got here it was dark. Daddy left a suitcase in the car park and mummy was upset because it was all the twins clothes. They had to wear my cousin Hugo’s which don’t fit him now. We got it back the next day .
Day 1. Wednesday.
I stayed in bed until 12 o clock because of jet lag I think, then when I woke up I had some cereal then I jumped in the pool. It was raining though and mum kept on saying  “are you warm enough? It’s a bit chilly today”. I was ok though cos the water was warm and the sun kept on coming out. We picked my cousin Ella up from school which has 3 massive swimming pools but no boys allowed.
Day 2 Thursday
We walked to the shops today. They are really big and up a big hill. I bought some new clothes with my money and mummy got me some too. I saw a Dr Who chess set and sonic screwdrivers but mummy said wait until the end to see if I have some dollars left. They have different dollars here to America but I have extra dollars now because my tooth fell out and the Australian tooth fairy came and have me $2. We went to the beach to watch the sun setting and I went in the sea with big water and also my legs got rough on them from the sand and water. It was really, really very sore. I had to take my shorts off and walk in my pants. I expect everyone will laugh at that. Then we had chips to get warm and got a taxi home. Oh and I fell over and scraped my knee, my elbow, my hands and my side on the first day but I am ok now.
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  1. Hi Arthur,

    Thank you for blogging and sending the pictures, you are a good friend. It sounds like you are having lots of fun. We want to watch inside out now!
    We have some questions to ask you,
    What sort of food are you eating?
    What animals have you seen?
    Was the swimming pool warm?
    Is it hot there?

    Look forward to hearing from you
    Love Squirrels Class

  2. Gday mates,

    Well the food is the same really but I mostly eat chips and some vegetarian things like cucumber and sausages. We get some cakes from the bakery and bread on Mondays and Wednesdays which my auntie picks up on her way home from work. It is free because they throw away what they can not sell at the end of the day. The ice cream is really good. We did bring marmite, shreddies and cornflakes with us.

    I have seen Kangaroos and Koala bears and some millipedes which are on the paths every day and are black. There are some birds here which I have heard they are called kookaburras but I did not see them. There are some other birds which are parrots which are grey and have a pink head and some others that look like baby magpies. I have not seen any snakes but there is signs telling you to be careful because snakes live in some places. I have seen some spiders in the pool but they are not very big and can’t kill you. There is also flies and big ants.

    The swimming pool is mostly warm but not when you first get in. It is in my cousins garden.

    It is quite hot but it has rained twice. Mum keeps telling me to wear my hat because the sun is stronger here. Today it was 28 degrees.

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