We’re glad you are having an amazing time Hattie!

Hello Hattie,
Glad you are having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing pictures and answering all our questions.

Zoe – I loved the pictures of the Koala bears you have taken.

Sam – You have a lovely tan and very blonde hair!

Charlie – Did you get to hold one of the Koala bears?

Nate – I really loved all the pictures.

Amelia – Have you tried any more strange foods?

Lily – The Kangaroo scared us all a little as it looked like he was sitting on a snake!  Have you seen a snake yet?

Kenny – How many new animals have you seen?

Leon – Have you tried any different fish?

Yasmin – Did the Koala run fast across the field?

We all wish we were there the weather looks fabulous!
Miss you very much
Love Badgers


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