What a night!!!

The night that dad took me to meet DAVID SEAMAN AND LEE DICKSON was one of the best of mine and my brother Henry’s lives. For anyone who doesn’t know, they are Arsenal and England footballing legends.
When I got there I was so EXCITED!!!! I just couldn’t wait .When I got in I saw Mrs Hirons and her husband. She asked us for a couple of facts. We told her about the save David Seamen made against Sheffield Wednesday.
They came on to the stage and we got to sit right at the front. Daddy spoke to them and they all laughed. They told us all stories about Ian Wright and Martin Keown.
The funniest moment was when they told us about a prank they played on Ian Wright.
Afterwards Henry and I got to meet the legends and chat with them.
It was the very best thing you could imagine!

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  1. Well I never expected to have such a good night listening to Arsenal players Rudy. They were very funny and so was your dad. I loved it when you and Henry peeped round the curtains before they came on stage !

    Mrs Hirons

  2. What a night…I am extremely jealous! They were great players (especially Seaman) and you were very lucky to meet them, and they were lucky to meet such dedicated fans. Come on you gunners!

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