what I did at xmas

on christmas  eve I was very pleased that xmas was finally here.We went to the frome flyer with Megan Catilin Cassy James and paul .we were all very Tired when we got home. In the morning we were up about 6am.  We went into mummy and daddy’s room and said our stockings aren’t here where could they be?  Then we looked behind our door and our stockings were there.  I said to mummy and daddy santa tricked us didn’t he.  Then we opened the presents in our stockings and I got stardust, a glowing polar bear light, and lots of other things like instead of a real orange a chocolate orange.  After that we went downstairs and we closed our eyes and there were really really big white footprints on the floor.  Santa has been!  And he had written on my letter.  Let’s see what he brought us …… Maddie I said you could open that present over there and then I will open this big present.  I think it is my main present mummy I said.  I wonder if it is.  I opened it then I screamed and said it is my main present and it was a bunny and I fed it a carrot and then it went to sleep.  I loved xmas the most because I got to spend lots of time with my family and that’s what I love best about xmas.


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