Windsor Castle

Berkley School was buzzing with excitement on Friday morning. We set off at 8.a.m. bound for Windsor Castle . This was one of our ‘WOW’ days linked to our creative curriculum topic on Castles. We were lucky, the roads were clear and the weather was fine. We arrived at the castle, were welcomed and taken to our base and then our adventure really began!! We all had to go through security which was a bit like being in an airport. Then we saw the Changing of the Guard, we did a treasure hunt in St George’s Chapel and saw the tombs of Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, George VI and the Queen Mother as well as many more of our Kings and Queens.

We walked around the State Apartments and saw fantastic weapons and armour. We had a talk led by Lesley who was really impressed by the knowledge of all the children. We saw real murder holes and crenulations. We saw arrow loops and  the motte and keep at the centre of the two baileys. Last of all we had an art workshop. It was a wonderful , exhilarating and tiring day. As we left we craned our necks to see if the Union Flag was being replaced by the Royal Standard…. and we think it was……if so the Queen had arrived just as we were leaving!

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