We have just had the  most wonderful WOW Day!!! I think the adults had as much fun as the children!!

This term our creative curriculum topic goes under the umbrella name of  ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. It is going to be primarily a geography based topic made up of a series of  smaller units. All areas of work will be driven by our wish to spend lots of time outside using our environment in as many inventive ways as we can.

So…. we started by building a sort of assault course on the school field. I am sure you will find lots of photos in the gallery. There were huge hay bales draped with cargo nets  making tunnels to crawl through,an enormous tent, ropes strung between trees to swing and climb along, ladders to climb and trampettes to bounce on, there was a marshy area to navigate using stepping stones, a set of tubular tunnels draped with more cargo nets to crawl through, an ‘ ice palace’, a mini forest, a sand pit, and water filled balloons to navigate whilst walking along a rope bridge and more!

We were very pleased with our results. BUT when we came to school this morning we discovered that we had been visited over night by a mysterious creature. ‘Something’ had been using our assault course.

We gave the children a ‘forensic kit’ so that they could search the field for clues. And they found lots!! There was fur of many different colours, there were feathers and something that looked like blood [ but was it?], we found giant footprints in the sandpit and tiny ones all over the place. Something had been trapping giant bugs and putting them in a cauldron and a fire had been lit in the tent – we know because there was cold ash in the fireplace. At the back of the field was what looked like a giant nest! It was filled with leaves and there were some broken egg shells – some of these were hen’s eggs but some were giant eggs.

It was exciting and a real mystery. We returned to school to think about what we had seen and using all our ideas we each drew an ‘identikit’ picture of what we thought the mysterious creature might have looked like. Now we are going to paint them.

What a thrilling time we had – we were lucky with the weather which was perfect and we would especially like to thanks everybody to helped in whatever way. The children will be able to use the assault course for the rest of the week before we dismantle it on Friday. Look out for more pictures and information about all our follow up work!!!

Mrs White

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