My Easter Holidays

In the first week Clark came round for lunch and a play, we made pizza and easter cakes.  I had a fun day at Berkley and got star of the day.

In the second week we went on holiday to Yorkshire. We had a view of Richmond Castle. Our cottage was nice. On mummy’s birthday we went to La Piazza for tea.  I ate meatballs and spaghetti it was a very big portion. We saw a bird display on Monday. We went to a cheese factory and ate some cheese. Then we went to the chocolate factory. On Thursday we went to York to a Viking museum it smelt of vikings. We went to a farm called Big Sheep Little Cow on Friday, I held a mouse and a rat, I stroked a giant rabbit, a tortoise, a ferret and a chick.  I brushed a pig then we fed the lambs milk in a bottle then Maddie’s lamb ran away!

Here are some pictures

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