Another Amazing Rain Forest Walk

Today we went back to the rainforest. It was a bit like home today and was rainy and cloudy but the raindrops are huge as well ! The trees are just so enormous.

First we went to see the Hinze dam and you can walk right over the middle of it and look down on the water overflowing.

We then went to see a natural bridge in the rain forest.There is a waterfall which comes down and has formed the bridge. You can go underneath it into a cave. You can then go above the waterfall and there are lookouts on both sides of the water . It was very loud. I hope you can see how tall the trees are from the video.  The trees are so different from ours.

It was wet and cool in the rain forest today.

Forest Schools will never be the same again !!

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  1. Wow Mrs Hirons and Berkley Bunny!!! Your photos are amazing and it looks like you had the trip of a lifetime! Looking forward to seeing you both soon though!

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