My First Race

On the 7th April I went to my first moto cross race it was really fun.  I had to get up at half past six. We went to pick some of my dad’s friends because they were coming.  Then we got in the van and set off.  We had to travel all the way to Southhampton I had a sleep in the van so it wasn’t too bad.

When we got there I got out and had a cookie it was a chocolate one I was winding my dad up with it. Then we had to get my bike checked to see if it was okay to race, my motorbike was alright thankfully.  While we were waiting I had another cookie I couden’t wind my dad up this time because he had one.

Then it was time for the race. My racing number is no. 22.   My dad was worrried I would hurt myself,  I wasn’t, I was excited.  A race was on before me so I watched how it was done I got more and more excited my dad got even more worried.  Then it was my turn I went and got my bike and went to the starting line the gates wern’t up yet because not everybody had gone round.  Then the green flag went up that means it was all clear. you had to look up at the man because he was going to hold up a 10 second sign then a 5 second one.  When it went five you had to look at your gate and it could drop any time then.  The gate dropped I zoomed away the first thing I did was go over the handle bars.  I was sceaming not because I was hurt but because I wanted to get back on my bike.  I did get back on and then it countinued.  That that was my day – I did 3 races and I got rider of the day.   I get to do it all again in a weeks time – I cant’t wait!

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