Kayleigh came round

On Sunday the 3rd of march my friend Kayleigh came round to play. First we went up to my room then we went back downstairs for a drink. Next we played bingo Kayleigh won.

After that we played cat walks Kayleigh was the person who gets everything ready then we went on the wii on Just dance 4 . Then we had to pick up Samuel my brother from football

After that we dropped off  Kayleigh.




My dad  brought gangman style on the wii  with  our wii  points.One of my big brothers loves gangman style. He  does the dance in front of the tv when your all settled and cumfy. So he  was  the first to have a go. But when i  started to join in  he pushed me out the way. So girls just to warn you do not want a brother. But its even werse  for me because i have got two brothers . GO GANGMAN STYLE.

Seeing The Olympic Torch

On Tuesday I saw the olympic torch.

my favirite car or van was the coca cola van and the gold bmws.On the coach I sat next to Ruby. At st jhons when we were having our   lunch I said to Mrs macey how do you push the chair in and she said ‘they are attached to the table and I laughed because I thought it was funny’ .The torch was gold and had gold rings on it.When it was coming it didnt feel like it was only coming through frome once.

Green day

It was green day on Wednesday 22nd of  february.In my class we made posters and water cycles .When I was doing my water cycle the rest of my table were colouring and I was  still drawing my water cycle.

wow day

We   had    a     wow  day. There   were   paw    prints   in   the   sand   pit.  Also  there   was    a     green   tent, with some candles  and  a   cooking    pot  inside   hanging  from some   sticks. Also there were some  hay bales and  a   big   nest with a massive egg inside it. The nest had a little egg shell aswell and an apple. There were also tyres, and metal spoke hanging from a tree.  Also  there  was  a  slide  with   a  blue  sheet  over  it.  When   you   went   down   the    slide  your  feet  fell  in  to  mud. Also   there   was  a   castle   which   had   a  rocking  chair in it and a big spider web and a wand. Also a  bit of  the play trail had some balloons on it.  Also   there  were  some  christmas   trees   wich  was  a   forest.

Our Victorian Evening

On Wednesday 19th October  we  had  a  show   it    was   a     victorian    evening   . We    had     one     practise    and     one     show. We   had   to    dress   up   as  a    victorian.   We  played    circle   games   and the  choir   sang   and   we  all   sang   as   well.  This   is   what   I  wore  a   white   hat  and  a   blue  and   white   dress   and  some   white    long   knee   socks   and      my    school   shoes . It   was   fun    at    the   victorian   show  my   mum   was   watching    the   show. I  was  proud  of     my    self      and   I    was   happy  as     well .

There  where  lots   of   peoaple   watching    me   and  my   class  even  babies   were   watching

typed   by   Aimee

It was fun

I went  on  a  school   trip   with    my   class   and  my   class   and   me   went    to    the    toy    museum   and     on     the     way       I went  past  my  dads   fire  station  in     bath . It   was  fun  at   the   toy museum.