wow day

We   had    a     wow  day. There   were   paw    prints   in   the   sand   pit.  Also  there   was    a     green   tent, with some candles  and  a   cooking    pot  inside   hanging  from some   sticks. Also there were some  hay bales and  a   big   nest with a massive egg inside it. The nest had a little egg shell aswell and an apple. There were also tyres, and metal spoke hanging from a tree.  Also  there  was  a  slide  with   a  blue  sheet  over  it.  When   you   went   down   the    slide  your  feet  fell  in  to  mud. Also   there   was  a   castle   which   had   a  rocking  chair in it and a big spider web and a wand. Also a  bit of  the play trail had some balloons on it.  Also   there  were  some  christmas   trees   wich  was  a   forest.

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