David Walliams is funny

David Walliams is cool

He definitely isnt a dummy


He makes me laugh

His books are great

I could write a paragraph


 Please come to our school your brilliant



Our photos of David Walliams!

This is the photos of our day going to see David Walliums. By Kenny and Beau

One Day !

One day (Tuesday 20th January 2015) I went to Londen because my auntie had David Walliams going to her school. so we went there by train it felt like AGES! when we got there we went on the tube and got to where we were going. we had lunch and then went to the school we went in and we were a bit early so we got sent out to walk down the river.we came back and got put in the hall where we where meeting him. then after a moment or 2 we saw him…

He came in and answered some questions and then he read a part of gangsta granny he read the part where granny pretends to do naked yoga. And plus the BEST part was that only me and beau got a photo with him by ourselves!!!!!

Then when it finished we went to the pub and had lemonade it was so nice we stayed there for a bit then when our auntie had finished work we whet to pick her up then we went to a pizza place called LETS EAT! and had some pizzas and icecream then we went to the train station and went home!

My 500 word challenge

This is my story that I entered for the bbc 500 word challenge…

The Ghost of The Deserted Pier

Once there was four children and a dog, the dogs name was Floppy and the children’s names were Jack the oldest one, Leo the youngest one, Mary and Lucy.

It was a Saturday and the four children had been wanting to go to the beach but Dad had said “first do your chores” so they did.

After a while Dad took them to the beach by car. It took two hours. Dad said “you better have fun and make the most of it”. When they got there this is what they did: made sandcastles, went in the sea and had a walk. Jack asked Dad if they could go to the pier Dad said “no” Lucy said “pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease” this time Dad said “yes but who’s going to pick you up from here?” Jack said “by taxi” “ok but be back for tea!” shouted Dad from out of the car window “ok” they shouted back while running to the pier.

When they got to the pier they where shocked, it was dark, it had signs hanging off buildings and it looked like know one was there at all. So they went inside and all could see was dark, broken, old two pence machine and other things you can do.

They all split up and looked for something to do Leo said he had an idea “lets play hide and seek” Jack said “ok Ill count”so he started counting “One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten coming ready or not here I come” said Jack.

Jack went to find them,he found Mary behind a cupboard door and Lucy under a table but he couldn’t find Leo anywhere. LEO WE GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but Leo didn’t come out of his hiding place “maybe a ghost took him” Lucy said as a joke.

Suddenly they here a loud BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!! “what was that” whispered Mary. They walked to one of the walls, the banging got louder and louder when they got to where the banging was it had stopped “that was odd” said Jack.But when they looked around they saw a box of matches they hadn’t been opened yet they kept walking and saw three barrels of gunpowder “someone has bean trying to blow us up”.

They ran round the corner and saw a ghost trying to light a barrel of gunpowder, but he could not find his matches “looking for this” said Jack holding the matches up in his hands “give me that or he gets it” said the ghost “who gets it” said Lucy then the ghost took a blanket off Leo. Jack said to the ghost I will give you the matches if you do a headstand so while the ghost was struggling to do a headstand Mary ran and grabbed Leo. RUN ITS GOING TO BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! they ran to there taxi GO GO GO!!!!!! so the driver went fast. When they got home they said “Dad were sooooooooo hungry”.



On the twelth day of christmas…

…My true love sent to me

12 hamburgers hopping

11 bananas backfliping

10 meatballs moaning

9 chips chomping

8 salads singing

7 pizzas peeking

6 biscuits bouncing

5 SWEETS sneeking

4 potatoes playing

3 crisps cooking

2 peanuts popping

1 turkey twirling

horse racing

On sunday I went to the horse races. First we watched punch and judy. Next we went to play on the bouncy castle.After that we got a ice cream and it was yummy . After that we went home.

At grandmas

On friday I went to my grandmas and Bella was there. And after lunch Henry rode on his bike from london and we went to watch Disbicable me. After that we had a bbq.

Snow day

First we went to Karens and we had a fire in the woods and we got very wet because me, Oli and Beau had a very long snowball fight. Then we cooked sausages on the fire and had marshmallows with chocolate biscuits.

The Southwold secret

Kenny Beau Errol margot and Leo set off to Southwold.Thay went to the park it was fun and then we went to the beach.(We built lots of sand castles) here is are video we made.

My Baby brother

My baby brother is very cuddly. He loves to be carried . He drinks lots of milk.

The heroes and the haunted house

Me Daniel  Jamie  Beau   and  Margot   made  a film  about  a  haunted   house. Me Daniel Jamie and Beau super heroes and Margot was a monster and she kept scaring us. And here it is.


We had ducks a mummy duck and a daddy duck. The mummy duck got kort by a fox, so we saved the eggs and they hatched. We have baby duck chicks. We had five but one died so now we have four.

Iain Green

  I  like the man that took  photos of the animals. When we went to the field and took pictures I fownd an owl in the tree I took a photograph.

All creatures great and small – 4

Painting the elephant

All creatures great and small – 3

Making the ladybird

All creatures great and small – 2

All creatures great and small project – 1

We are designing a wooden elefant and ladybird.

Elefants have six toes.


We are in Switzerland on holiday.

There is lots of snow.

Grandad  got poorly  and had to go to intensiv care in an ambalans.

And we went to see him. He is feeling betar.

We went sledging.

Disny on ice

We went  to a place called disny on ice with granny and grandad. We sar tinkabell and  toystory and cars and mikee mouse.

Family day with friends

We went to London  and we went to an art place with ned, lora and leo. We had piza.

Horse Racing

We went to  watch the horse racing because it was Grandads birthday.

Ned and Looras Mums house

I liked ar big bed.


I like the haybales.

Hotel in Bonmooth

We went to the hotel on the vinkoolar trane.

Seaside with Grandma

I  liked palding in the sea

kennys quil

I made a  quil  and  shode  it at  scool.

I  got  the  fethr  from  mi    granee   and    grandads   peekok   kalld  frank