A New Record

On Friday the eggs that my duck was sitting on hatched! They came out of there house on Saturday. They are really cute and fluffy! The are only a few days old. They are about the size of your hand and they are yellow with a grey back if they are a male. There are 18 ducklings,a new record for her. The most her type of duck can lay is 20! Our mother duck is called Lilac and the father duck is called Dabble. 8 of the ducklings are girls and 8 of the ducklings are boys.


Everywhere choclate is hidden


So many children have

To look

Easter is a great time of the year so

Remember not to eat all the choclate at once

My Christmas Poem

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me

12. Iced cakes

11. Tickly trees

10. Snowy gardens

 9. Crazy crackers

8. Holy  angels

7. Robins chirping

6. Icy snowmen

5. Shining stars

4. Tempting cookies

3.Magic elves

2. Adoring parents

and a Sleeping Baby Jesus

By Mary

The Surprise Present !

Its my brothers birthday today ! Unfotunly he got a nerf gun and 38 bullets plus he can shoot 2 or 1 bullets at the same time! he got a packet of mini eggs with a pound coin stuck on it and because we uselly get something we got a pack too! But it didnt have a pound coin on it.

Sam’s Birthday

On Friday its my brother Sams birthday.Also on Saturday its his birthday treat and our mum and dad arent telling us what its going to be! so its going to be a suprise.Plus there not even telling us who’s coming or where we are going!

Wonky Snowman



Heres my snowman I made . It’s a little wonky but it’s ok . I did the middle as big as the bottom so Sam had to cut it a bit .I drew it a mouth because Icouldnt find enough stones.We have seen a lot of birds around the last few days.





The Long Wait !

when we went to see the torch we had to wait for a long time. then two men came on funny looking things .then moterbikes came. then vans came .one was a coca cola van which had drum things and a green van had a green thing which was a stick with green ribbons on it . it was amazing to see the torch but it had a little flame! we had lunch with a different school.

Brokerswood Trip

On Monday we went on a school trip to brokerswood.First we got on the coach.Everyone was excited.When we got there a lady showed us a compass and a map.Then she played true or false. She said that a compass works best on your head true or false it was false.She showed us the right way up to hold are map.Next we went minibeast hunting.I found four milpeads and a squiggly thing which  was a centipede.After that we drew a map with a lady.First we drew the middle path then the stream and if you wanted to be clever you could draw it squiggly .there was two secret paths then we drew the bridge and tested it with a friend.Then it was lunch. I was the only person standing up but it did not put me off  my lunch. I was happy because I had crisps.After lunch we went looking for animals with names.On the last clue Aimee fell over and rolled in the mud.When we got on the coach Aimees wellies could’nt come off.

Mr Green

On Monday we had Mr Iain Green who taught us about nature and after break we went up on the field and took photographs.

Sam’s Sleepover

On saturday the 3rd my brother Sam had a bonfire  and a sleepover with his friends kit and loke.We roasted sweet potatoes, jack potatoes and sweetcorn.I had a sweet potato, a jack potato and a sweetcorn cob.At last we got the cake out and song to Sam and had a slice of  cake. Suddenly Sam and his friends ran off and played hide and seek but I stayed by the bonfire and roasted mashmellos on a stick.The first one I had was to sticky it stuck in my hair and coat so I went inside and watched tv then we all went to bed but Sam  went to bed at 9o clock.

Day trip out


On Wednesday I went to glastonbury and I walked up a hill with  a castal on it.I had lunch in a restront and I had a sosig and chips and peas but I only had the chips toby had the same as me and sam had chips  chiken nugets and a sosig and for pudding and I had two scoops  of strarberry ice-cream and toby had the same and sam had toffy with custed on it .After  that we looked at the shops and brout 4 candals.

Mother Theresa

We were doing about mother Theresa this week.Mother  Theresa only had 30 pece .She made a street school and hospital.

Fairy Card

I got a fairy card today and its my birthday party tomrow we will be makeing party bags and we will have a treser hunt.

The Assembly Rooms

I went on a school trip to the assembly rooms and I drew a picture of a rabbit and a old caraige.We played with building blocks .