Busy…..but lovely Lyme Regis!

Me,Mummy,Daddy and Ellis went to Lyme Regis.It took ages to find a place to park the car near the seafront.In the end we parked in a quiet road where a few other cars were parked.When we got out of the car we grabbed the picnic basket and went to find a place to have a picnic.The sun was shining but when the wind blew it was quite cold so I borrowed Mummy’s cardigan.We found somewhere to have our picnic by a nice stream. Once we finished the picnic Daddy walked to the car to put the picnic away.

Then we walked to the beach.I prefer pebbly beaches more than sandy beaches so we stayed on the pebbles.Ellis threw loads of pebbles at the beach.Me and Ellis then sat down on the pebbles and waited for the waves to soak our feet.One wave got half way up my leg……… luckily I had rolled up my leggings to my knees.That day there was a fete on so we got up from the beach and went to the fete.On the way there was a man balancing stones on  other stones.That was cool.There was a paper mache looking monster as well  Ellis pretended to brush its teeth.







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  1. Everyone goes to the seaside when its sunny Maddie. We thought about it but stayed in the garden and I ended up doing the weeding and mowing the lawn. I should have gone to the beach !

    Mrs Hirons

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