Gymnastics Competition!!!

Me,Holly,Bethany,Sophie,Issy and Mary went to a gymnastics competition at Millfield we had to do the vault and a floor routine (Key steps 2).We all got judged on everything we did.There was 140 gymnasts there (around about that anyway).

All the gymnasts there in their teams got split up into groups of about 6 schools to announce the winners.There was lots of suspense. ” ……..And in third place for the floor routine are from Berkley…….Maddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   I couldn’t believe it I got a Bronze medal for the routine!

After a few minutes “……This is for all the scores from your teams,vault and the routine in third place is……….BERKLEY!!!!!!!!!”

I was amazed going up together, I mean we were only a team of 6 ,other people had way more in their team!

After that I came home with 2 Bronze medals! It was amazing.

Maddie xxx


Albufeira the rest of the week

We went to the marina where all the boats are docked.One day of the week Mummy,Daddy and Grandad went on a boat ride to see some caves.Another day Mummy bought us a blow up crocodile to play on in the pool.Sadly it got a puncture so we bought a blow up dolphin as well.On one day we went to the beach.That was nice.Some evenings we went to a restaurant.The food was lovely and for a pudding I had a pancake which was covered with chocolate and strawberries.Daddy was jealous!When we went out for lunch one day I had a giant ice cream for my lunch!

The Algarve was a great holiday!

Maddie xx

Albufeira in the Algarve travelling and day 1

We had to drive to Manchester on Friday.We had to drive there to be closer to the airport.We were going on holiday to Albufeira  which is in the Algarve.Manchester is where my Auntie,Uncle and cousin Isaac (who is 3) live, they were coming too..My Nana and Grandad were coming as well.My Nana and Grandad met us for lunch at a place called the Beef eater.We had a nice lunch and lots of chips!Soon we left to go to my Auntie,Uncle and Cousin’s house.After that we found our hotel and our room.We had a nice dinner and then we had to go to sleep.

The next morning we woke up to get to the airport a lady took our suitcases and they went down on a bumpy thing.Soon it was time to get on the plane.When we were coming down Mummy squeezed my leg really hard for the bump,bump,bump bit!We found our suitcases and then got in a taxi.We arrived at our villa.It was called Villa Mimosa.We had our own private pool.I unpacked and then got in the swimming pool.The pool was freezing cold but I was the bravest about the temperature! 

Maddie xx

Busy…..but lovely Lyme Regis!

Me,Mummy,Daddy and Ellis went to Lyme Regis.It took ages to find a place to park the car near the seafront.In the end we parked in a quiet road where a few other cars were parked.When we got out of the car we grabbed the picnic basket and went to find a place to have a picnic.The sun was shining but when the wind blew it was quite cold so I borrowed Mummy’s cardigan.We found somewhere to have our picnic by a nice stream. Once we finished the picnic Daddy walked to the car to put the picnic away.

Then we walked to the beach.I prefer pebbly beaches more than sandy beaches so we stayed on the pebbles.Ellis threw loads of pebbles at the beach.Me and Ellis then sat down on the pebbles and waited for the waves to soak our feet.One wave got half way up my leg……… luckily I had rolled up my leggings to my knees.That day there was a fete on so we got up from the beach and went to the fete.On the way there was a man balancing stones on  other stones.That was cool.There was a paper mache looking monster as well  Ellis pretended to brush its teeth.







London Marathon


On Sunday my Mummy, Auntie and Uncle ran the London Marathon for a charity called Barnardo’s. My Auntie and Mummy wore bright green tutus.Mummy’s legs and feet are very sore. She is a bit sunburnt too. It is very hard for Mummy to walk at the moment. There is a website where you can track them and see where they were running. We also watched the telly to try and find them but we were out when they were finishing and the camera’s showed them, how annoying is that! Well done them!

Maddie xx


Mummy, Daddy, my Godmother Jane and I went to see Oliver at Bristol Hippodrome at the weekend.  We missed the start because there was a lot of traffic so we had to stand at the back. The lady showed us our seats when it was a good time I stood on a ladies foot! Whoops! The show was good.


Maddie xx

Marvellous Madame Tussaurds !

I went to Madame Tussauds in London. There was lots of people made of wax. There was lots of people I didn’t know and lots of people I did know.These are some people that I saw. See if you can guess who they are.Tell me at school if you know who they are!

Maddie xx

Winter Wonderland

When it snowed we went out at 8am to build a snowman. We also built a snow cat, a snow rabbit, a snow handbag and a fort for the snowman. We had great fun except for when I got hit by a snowball and I did not approve!  We also made a chocolate house.  Here are some photos.


I love London

At the weekend we went to London and our train was late getting to the station. We had to rush into Hyde park because at 11am we had to go into a magical ice kingdom. First we had to walk through a funfair.  Ellis bought an angry birds hat. The magical ice kingdom was really good. When we came out we went to Nando’s for lunch and I had chicken, chips and corn on the cob.

We then went to find an open top bus, we were very cold. Ellis fell asleep on the bus. We went past Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and lots of other places. We went to our hotel and got nice and cosy and then we also went to Caluccio’s, we had to go on the tube to get there.  Then we went back to our hotel and fell asleep.

On Sunday we went to meet daddy’s friend whose name is Gareth. We had brunch. I had a chocolate eclair and chocolate milkshake. We then walked back to the tube and we got the train home.  These are some pictures.



Apple summer camp!

In the summer holidays I went to the Apple store summer camp to make a video. First we watched the trailer for the film Brave to give us some ideas, then we had to make a story board to tell us what to do.  After we made up some music with an app called Garageband. Then I  went home to video my movie.  My friend Ella helped me.  We then went in the next morning to put it into iMovie, which is another thing you can get on the Mac.  Then we put some words in to make it more interesting.  Then I went home again and came back on the Saturday to watch everyones movies with our families.

Some peoples movies were brilliant.

If you would like to watch my movie that I made you can watch it here now!

Hope you enjoy it!

By Maddie.

About 3 friends who meet up and have a brilliant day out!

My Olympic day

I went to the Olympics and I really enjoyed it. There was lots and lots of people there. Unfortunately it rained and then stopped rained and then stopped. There was only one shelter which was where you eat your food! After a while it was time for me and my mummy to watch our sport. We went to see the women’s 3 metre springboard final. To make it more simple it was called women’s synchronised diving. We had a good view. We had to sit in the aquatics centre. When we came out we had fish and chips. Soon after that we went home.

By Maddie xx

Exciting ice skating

I went ice skating with Issy F, it was for Issy’s birthday ,lots of people were there for Issy’s party. It was really good fun. I fell over once when the disco was on. The disco was on the ice. We all had a really good time. xx

Fashion on the catwalk

On Saturday I went to The mall in Cribbs causeway with my mum and my nana. We went to see the fashion show for Bristol fashion week. Nana bought me a hot chocolate because I was cold. We got a goody bag after the show. Inside was a bottle of coconut water, a tube of toothpaste, some sweets, shampoo and conditioner. When we were in the fashion show, Mark Heyes and Andrew Barton were talking about the show. I had a really good day. Xxx

The oliver twist show

Today we are going to see oliver twist  at our school.I am so excited about it.We are moving out into the library.

Everyone was sqaushed until we were heading down from the library to see oliver twist with two ladies acting.When we got  down.

It was a wonderful show !!!

Maddie with help from Kendra and Evie


Brilliant Bowling

me and holly went bowling with my mum.mummy won  both games which was annoying.

holly did very well, for it was her first time bowling ever.