Camping with my friends

Last weekend me, my friends and my family went camping . It was in Dorset  and we camped on Norden farm.While the parents put up the tents all the children played on there bikes and scooters also splashed in muddy puddles which i called the welly wash.That night for dinner we had Mrs Hirons lovely, homemade pulled pork. All the children got changed into their nightwear also every child had a head torch so we played with the head torches on so we could see. I had a tiring day today but it was a lovely day as well!

On Saturday we woke up and ate a  lovely breakfast which included: eggs, sausages, beans, bacon and toast.Once everyone was dressed all the children cycled and scootered down to the little farm shop to buy some sweets.After that we had a lovely walk to Corfe Castle. Later  that day we went to a beach and got an ice-cream I had dairy milk chocolate flavour. We went to the arcade and I won 3 lollies and a dragon ornament. I had a pasty for lunch.  Mum and Ruth made us spaghetti bolognese for teatime.  

When I woke up Sunday morning I had biscuits in bed.  We tried to catch the bus but it was so full it didn’t stop.  So we went on the train and played on Swanage beach in the sunshine.  My dad and I made a dolphin with sand. We went on the train back to Corfe Castle and I had cod and chips for my tea.  We could see the castle from the pub garden.

I had a fabulous weekend in my wellies with all my friends and mums and dads…



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