Center Parcs

I went to Center Parcs.We went swimming, me and  Eloise went on a green slide.  At first Eloise did’t want to go on it.  I went on with daddy first then I had another go and I went on with mummy.  It was fun but a bit scary.

We also went on a boat! Because there was 8 of us we had 2 boats.  I went on with ,mummy, daddy and Eloise.  Daddy and Eloise had to pedal in the back and we went fast.

We played mini golf and I won.

We had tea then we went swimming.  there was Rapids and big waves in the pool we went to the outside pool it was nice and warm.

We got some sweets on the way out.

daddy let us get ice cream.  But it was way to cold to have ice craem.

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